The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Fascism In America

Hey you! Did you know that if you live in America, you live in a fascist country? You probably didn’t know that! Lucky for you that the brave dissenters at the Democratic Underground are willing to speak the truth to power so that you’ll stay informed…lol, oh please!

Here are a few comments from what I found to be an unintentionally hilarious DU thread called “When Fascism Comes to America, it Will Be Embraced by FOX News” that’ll show you just how out of touch with the reality some of today’s lefties are…

in_cog_ni_to: “Fox already DOES support fascism. It’s here, we’re living it.”

RevRussel: “Fascism is already here-all we need for this truth is the name United Fascist States of Amerika.”

Flubadubya: “Certainly not just FOX…CNN gets worse by the day. All these news outlets (except maybe CBS) are on a fast track to fascist hell. CBS is a good example of what happens to a news organization that is now trying to stand up to them. All the others are calling for the head of Dan Rather and the complete castigation of CBS news. I have never seen anything like this in my life.”

AmerDem: “It now time To let unaware America know about Fascism and how this adminstration is following every trick in the book to seal the deal. I’m not sure if local ( or national ) newspapers would allow letters to the editor showing this but it’s worth a try!”

Media_Lies_Daily: “Why is it that most Americans…even most posters on DU…cling to…the idea that Fascism has NOT YET arrived in America?? How is it possible for an author to get an article published that is so completely CLUELESS??

I have a few questions for those folks:

1. Where the heck were you when the NeoCons ILLEGALLY took power during the bloodless Coup of December 2000??

2. Where the heck were you when Patriot Act I was passed by Congress and signed into law by our resident dictator, thus eroding the U. S. Constitution to bare bones??

3. Where the heck were you when our resident dictator made the decision to invade Iraq based on a pack of lies which has resulted in the deaths of more than a thousand American troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis??

4. Where the heck were you when several key provisions of Patriot Act II were passed by Congress as hidden riders to other bills, spelling the end of the U. S. Constitution as we once knew it??

….and finally…


Unperson 309: “I’ll be in the Polling booths…and when they come to “get me”, I’ll be dead on the floor before they can touch me.

Better a “38 sandwich” than the continuing ideological @ss-rape we’ve endured for so long.”

sffreeways: It can happen here. too late, it has happened here. The moment to wait for is when the response begins. That’s when things get very very ugly and very very dangerous. Not just our troops that are in danger anymore, it’s everyone of us too now.

And they go on about Dan Rather while we have slime like fox news.

Remember Sue Neiderer !”

Dangerman: “If Hitler were alive today… He’d kiss George Bush in the cheek!”

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