The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: How Do You Feel About The Troops?

Boy, the Democratic Underground is just an ever flowing wellspring of great material for conservatives. Today, there’s a thread at the DU called “How do you feel about our troops?“. Here’s the text of the original post…

Jackie97: “How do you feel about our troops? Some people think that because we’re the democrats and against the war means we hate our troops or something. I just want to see it. How do most people on here feel about them? I don’t support this war, but I don’t want them to die. In fact, just about every person against the war I know talks about the idea of bringing them home “alive”.”

This is basically just a plea for everyone posting to say something nice about the troops to prove that Democrats don’t hate them….and there were quite a few people who did just that.

There were also a lot of people who also used the same dodge that Jackie97 did, saying that they in essence support the troops because they don’t want them to fight. Well, that’s like saying you support firemen because you don’t want them to fight fires or support the police because you don’t want them to risk their lives confronting dangerous criminals. The job of these soldiers is to fight and if you don’t support them while they’re doing their job, then you don’t support them period.

But of course, this being the DU, we did have more than a few people, even in this little “come to Jesus” thread about the military, who don’t support the troops and are happy to say so. Here’s how those people answered the question, “How do you feel about our troops?”…

el_gato: “they made the decision to join up. quite a few are hot to kill impoverished brown skinned people but there are others who were fooled by the nationalistic propaganda and thought they were doing the right thing only later to realize they’ve been had. my point is you can’t comdemn or praise them categorically since every member of the military has a unique story.”

kostya: “I’m d@mn sick of all those yellow magnetic ribbons to tell you the truth. It’s mindless and I suspect most people’s motivation for those is the same as wearing their religion on their sleeve, they want to pretend that they have cornered the morals market and want to lord (pun intended) it over on the rest of “pagan society”. It doesn’t really do a d@mned thing for anyone on either side in Iraq.

I have nothing personally against any of our troops, but I can’t support their actions to invade a non-threatening country and kill unarmed civilians. In fact, I feel sorry for what they are doing to themselves when they do that. It doesn’t matter that they were ordered to do it. That’s the same excuse Hitler’s troops had. – K”

BBG: “Player? How is it play to take advantage of those less fortunate? We are a player because we beat the shit out of those we want to take advantage of. This is so wrong.

Our need for a grossly overbuilt military is justified by the arrogant and selfish manner we project ourselves onto the world stage which is justified by the grossly overbuilt military we maintain.

We are way overdue for recognizing that this military we “support” is used to kill and maim and in no way protects us. It only serves to kill and maim others. And ourselves when we vounteer to participate in the charade.”

T Wolf: “Though it is a minority opinion, I do not unconditionally “support the troops.”

I do feel sorry for them, being put in an unfortunate position of having to choose between “following orders” and “doing the right thing.” But haven’t we heard that excuse before, say about 60 years back?

And while there would be consequences for making the more courageous decision to resist what may be “legal” but definitely immoral orders, I cannot give them a pass.

Flame away.”

manic expression: “I cannot support the troops on this mission. I sympathize with their position, and I wish them the best. I cannot, however, support murder. Again, this is not exactly personal against them, but it is my objection to the mission they are carrying out.
Just my opinion.”

ernstbass: “It’s hard to support the troops when I read that 70% of them support Chimpie.”

lonestarnot: “Majority volunteer to kill people. Others like doctors, lawyers, nurses those types of career fields have better motivations. Bring ’em ALL home! Even the gung ho killerjarhead types. America better with all the crazies! Nuts sluts and whores killers criminals they all have a place in America! America the land of the free and home of the brave… are we either?”

BlueManDude: “I don’t support the troops -their presence in Iraq makes us all less safe. sorry.”

Stew225: “Good question. I don’t have a yellow magnet on my car. Do I support the troops? For what? Occupying a country and carrying out an agenda that borders on the breaking of the Geneva Convention. I don’t support that. Indiscriminately shooting civilians; I don’t support that.

Being a brainwashed bunch of mostly lower middle class to lower Southern people who are not in the upper echelon of the critical thinking skills area makes it hard to support them, since in doing so, I’m supporting their superiors who, as we known, are greedly non-compassionate idiots.
I support our troops doing their best to get the hell out of Iraq and muscle up enough brainpower to think for themselves. That, by the way, is not easy to do considering the Army’s brainpower training regimens.

So, yeah, I support the troops. I don’t support what many of them are doing.”

Mr.Green93: “Like Ted Bundy’s parents felt about Ted.”

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