The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: KERRY WON!

Usually, I only link multiple posts from threads at the Democratic Underground, but I enjoyed this one so much I thought it deserved its own link…

Brundle_Fly: “KERRY WON! I have no doubt of it now, the fraud is apparent on so many levels.

I am sure Kerry got the popular vote, there is no way * could get 3.5 million votes more than Kerry. and * is just sitting there laughing as the Dem’s look inward to try to figure out what went wrong. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

What went wrong is the election was stolen, I am very very pissed. The United States of America is dead to me now, all of the things we stood for are gone, and using them as a launching pad to some patriotic drivel to keep the population is line is unacceptable.

I say its time to fight!


Bush couldn’t have won because I like Kerry better and I hate America and patriotism now, viva la Revolution and WAAAAAAAAH, WAAAAAAAH, WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

This one deserves an honorable mention in The 2nd Annual 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2004

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