The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day — The 9/11 Poll

The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day — The 9/11 Poll: I love the Democratic Underground, not just because they produce lots of great material, but because I think they give you a pretty good idea of what the left is thinking & talking about. These guys represent the Ted Rall, Noam Chomsky, Mark Morford, Molly Irvins, & Eric Alterman wing of the Democratic party and quite frankly, they’re more than a little bit deranged. Maybe that seems like a strong word to use, but what else can you call the results of this poll about 9/11 in the DU forums?

All the questions are slanted against Bush — which is fine, since we know DU isn’t exactly claiming to be fair and unbiased. But out of 160 response to the question, “9-11 was…”, we see 32 votes (20%) saying….

“9-11 was a premeditated attack by BushCo and/or its allies in the MIC specifically designed to amass power and justify conquest.”

Another 79 votes (49%) say…

“9-11 was an attack by “Al Qaeda”, which BushCo knew was coming but stood down and let it happen so it could amass power and justify conquest.”

So out of 160 people who participated in this poll, 111 (69%) are tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy freaks who either believe Bush took down the WTC or deliberately allowed it to happen. Scary as it may seem, I think they’re descending deeper into psychosis as the Bush presidency goes on…

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