The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day — The Blackout Is All Bush’s Fault!

Anytime some bad happens there are always left wingers looking for a way to tie it to George Bush. Did it rain on your picnic? Then the Bush Family Evil Empire made it rain! Was your favorite TV show canceled? Bush probably made it happen because it was a threat to his reelection. Was there a huge power outage in the Eastern US & Canada? Then it must be Bush’s fault…somehow or another. Multiple people at the DU explain how…

zekeson: “* is Culpable for the Blackout – Cheney must release papers

This wouldn’t have happened in a rsponsible administration. The problems with the grid have been known about for some time and events such as an energy task force should have dealth with this very issue.

Clearly, the task force had other things on their collective pea brain, but, of course, as no papers of substance have been released, we can only assume those maps of Iraq wreen’t there to fix the grid.

* needs to be hit long and hard on this one. Of course he also needs to be dogged about his performance today (this is a domestic problem..). Hitting * leads to Cheney and when he refuses this time to release his papers he should be removed from office. THIS is the end result of his collusion with folks who do not have the best interest of democracy and the United States in mind.

Hell, I don’t know. I am in Minnesota and we gots power and air conditioning until the cows come home – which, actually, is pretty soon. Just thought I would try this idea out. Seems like this is something that should stick to *.”

Bushknew: “Blackout Conspiracy thread

Monkey boy said the blackout is an interesting “lesson” for the country. He also added that he has always been in favor of modernization. $$$ He said that this isnÕt a terrorist attack, which begs the question, how does he knowThat when they donÕt know what caused the blackout?

How does the blackout help W and Republican interests?


Your Highness: “could be

a trial run to see what would happen if a nuke went off in NYC. The EMP would have roughly the same effect. Hmmmm, where did I leave my tinfoil hat?”

Of course, finding kooks at DU is like shooting fish in a barrel. What I really want to see is to see if any of the Democratic candidates for President try to blame this on Bush =) That what will be really interesting to watch…

***Update***: Ask and ye shall receive!

“It underscores a blackout in this administration on energy policies,” Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry said. “They have ignored the investment needs of our infrastructure in favor of a tax cut for the wealthy.”

“Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt argued that the blackouts can be linked to flaws in Bush and the Republican party’s energy policy. “These events illustrate how shortsighted the Bush administration and Republican-controlled Congress were in 2001 when they rejected modernization of our nation’s power grid,” Gephardt said.”

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