The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: The Fix Is In For 2004!

Now of course, it’s not over until the fat lady sings, but anyone who follows politics knows that the Democratic candidate, especially Howard Dean, is going to have a really tough time knocking off Bush. I mean think about it; Bush is a likable President who has had a lot of foreign policy success and who is probably going to be riding a very strong economy in 2004. On the other hand, Howard Dean is perceived as an angry, anti-war candidate with a gift for sticking his foot in his mouth. Moreover, Dean is going to be running on raising taxes, support for civil unions, and getting rid of the nuclear missile defense shield among other things.

I mean it does’t exactly take Dick Morris to figure out who the stronger looking candidate is here…but, you can’t tell that to the people at the Democratic Underground. They apparently believe that if Dean doesn’t win, it means the fix is in! Here are a few of their posts…

sventvkg: With the New Secret bill that has all the Patriot act II provisions in it and ghestapo tactics as well as the Failure of the Dems in Congress to do anything about it, I’m starting to think there has been a silent Coup in This Country…And Neocons are Dictators..Apparently we have been powerless to stop it and maybe mechanisms are in place (BB E-Voting) that are going to assure them of a victory next year and make it look like there was a Vote and we are still a democracy when in fact The Right has Seized power in a masked FAcist dictatorship..

I want to be optomistic about our chances next year and I think in a fair election, we would KILL Bush and I’m sorry If I get flamed here but I have this Nagging feeling The Fix is in…..Does anyone else have this nagging feeling????? I want you to be HONEST and REAL here….

What would you do if this does happen? If the America we knew disappeared overnight only by Stealth..Because that is the way it would be done..we are hanging on by a thread here and it’s more serious then most of us want to acknowledge…Dean said this, and Clark said that, and blah blah…It’s all Bull$#$…We are in serious chrisis and on the verge of losing our country and way of life to a bunch of Fanatics..but i’m sure i’ll get flamed for being crazy and paranoid…Oh well, remember my words when you finally come out of denial because this is what I see…Plain as day…

FarLeftRage: Well, if that does indeed happen and there are enough po’d people around, there will be either a revolution or a civil war…

Skittles: ya THINK ??? The BUSH II PLAN was *ALWAYS* for eight years; maybe 12 if you tack on Jeb. There is no way in HELL a fair election will happen next year.

rchsod: it started in 2000 and in three short years the country is now in the hands of fasists. it`s a judeo-christian take over of the united states and a crusade against the muslim religion and it`s peoples. the media in the united states has been the driving force to futher the programs of those who intend on doing this. information is closely controlled by the whitehouse and then released to their loyalists in the news outlets thus influences what people should believe. the only people who see this are those who understand what is going on-the left and the far right neo nazis and that is what is truly scary

Q: “..there has been a silent Coup in This Country”

– Many of us have been saying this since the 2000 ‘coup’…and it really wasn’t that silent.

– In fact…the impeachment of Clinton was their first attempt at a coup…but It wasn’t until 2000 when they had all their chess pieces in place: Jeb. Harris. Florida Legislature. Baker. Supreme Court.

– Some seem to think that they’ll be ‘riots or a civil war’ if the Bushies screw us again in 2004. But I think the people will once again do nothing. BushCo* knows that the people and their representatives are powerless and in no position to stop them.

kayell: We are all slowly being boiled like the oblivious frogs in the soup pot. This was my experience with my family too this holiday. Mind, these are people who are politically more aware than most Americans. They marched in the peace protests in the DC area, they subscribe to dem email lists, they read the news and not just the US propaganda media, they’ve all read Greg Palast… And yet, they are sure that nothing REALLY bad can happen, because the courts will save us, the American people would rebel, etc. Even my mother who 2 years ago said that * reminded her of Hitler says it can’t happen here. I tried to get our family to sit down together and talk about making a contigency plan if things go really wrong. No doing. Things will never get that bad, we aren’t germany in the ’30s, it can’t happen here.

You know, I’ve been covering kooks like this practically since I started RWN and many times I’ve had people tell me that it’s not worth doing because these people are on the “fringes”. But, I’m here to tell you, this is not the patter of lunatics that will be laughed at by most “responsible” liberals. There are a lot of people in the “mainstream” left who take this poppycock very seriously. Just look to Dennis Kucinich saying the terror alerts are a scare tactic, Jim McDermott saying we timed the capture of Saddam of help Bush, and Howard Dean floating the idea that maybe, just maybe “Bush knew” about 9/11. These “crazy” ideas from the “fringe whackos” at the DU boards sure do seem to keep popping out of the mouths of “mainstream” Democrats, don’t they? That’s because they may be in the minority on the left, but they’re not on the “fringes”…

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