The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: The MIlitary’s Black Heart Exposed

Here a few comments from a thread at the Democratic Underground called “MIlitary’s Black Heart Exposed“. Judge for yourself whether these opinions you’re about to see from the DU are representative of what a significant portion of the left actually thinks. Personally, I believe they do…

indigobusiness: “MIlitary’s Black Heart Exposed. There are many good men in the military, but the military mind is infected with an darkness that breeds evils like sadism. How could it be otherwise when it is all about the perfecting of killing?”

burythehatchet: “The United States does not know what a true warrior is”

Marianne: “In a way I think that is correct. I believe we have sunk into the military industrial complex that Eisenhower spoke of. I believe we are at the starting line of fascism, and the military is the prime shaker and mover of fascism. In that respect, yes, there is a military mindset.”

mmonk: “My father trudged in the mire of war time Europe fighting an army that believed like this one now, followed no rules, international law or any reasonable standard of humanity. If he were alive now, he would be WAY,WAY, disappointed.”

the_real_38: “Agreed…. I don’t ‘support the troops’. The fact is, a lot of people who are attracted to the military and Law Enforcement are into dominating people through violence. And they tend to exert pressure on their peers.”

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