The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: The Republicans Cheated Again By Winning!

Let’s say a Democrat loses a race for Congress in a heavily Republican district. Is your first thought: “Gee, that’s to be expected,” or is it, “Those Republicans did it to us again, gah! They must have rigged the race to win! Yargh, must control spiraling rage at all things Republican!”

If you took the second option, you would probably fit in at the Democratic Underground, where the general opinion seems to be that since Paul Hackett lost, that proves fraud.

I know, I know, it seems that there should be a little more to it than that and I’m sure they’ll come up with some sort of “evidence” to support the conclusion they’ve already reached over the next few days, but at this point they haven’t gone much beyond the whole, “We lost so they must have cheated meme.”

Just take a look at these 11 threads — not 11 posts mind you — 11 threads (and there were more I could have posted) on the Democratic Underground and you’ll get an idea of how wacky it is over at the DU right now…

Another Republican upset ‘win’ at 52-48?
Little hesitation in screaming foul
I’m tired of hearing: “fix the voting machines”….
I call Bullsh*t-another statistical impossibility-FraWd, FraWd, FraWd
Could Hackett’s win be just a matter of NEW CHIPS in cheating machines?
I had to be away for a while — did Hackett win, and they’re fixing it?
it IS Ohio…how can we be sure the votes are counted accurately
If OH election is clean it’s likely GOPs are nervous about getting caught
How long does it take to steal an election?
They are trying to STEAL it again!
OK – Is DNC ready to demand the vote machines be examined IMMEDIATELY?

The fact that the lefties are already crying “fraud” about a race they lost in a district that gave Bush 64% of its vote last November shows you they’re just going to claim every race they lose is fixed. That may not be a surprise, but it goes to show you that a lot of people on the left are willing to do anything, even try to undermine the American people’s confidence in our whole system of government, if they think they can achieve some sort of political advantage by doing so. That sort of cynical posturing is bad for America…

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