The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Welcome To The DU’s “Reality”.

As the election draws near, the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party is still going as strong as ever. The evidence? A thread from the Democratic Underground Forums (a website that used to be linked from John Kerry’s official blog by the way) entitled “Is our nation as f*cked up as it seems to those of us here in reality?

Remember, as you read these DU loons talking about “reality” as they see it, that some people with this sort mentality will end up in the White House if John Kerry becomes President. Heheh, that’s a comforting thought huh? =D…

milkyway: “Is our nation as f*cked up as it seems to those of us here in reality? To most of us in the reality-based community, it’s puzzling that bush still has a chance to win a second term. His record has been one of total and catastrophic failure, from national security (incredibly, 3,000 dead civilians), to the economy (it has sucked for four years), to foreign policy (the Iraq debacle, for which we will be suffering the blowback consequences for decades), to our national spirit (divided and anxiety-ridden), to our place in the world (the most hated nation since Hitler’s Germany). bush tacitly admitted as much during the last debate when he bizarrely answered most every question by bragging about the passage of NCLB, the only thing he could find that might be perceived as a success (which it wasn’t).

…I live in Manhattan, and I’m well aware that we are quite different than Middle America. But can it really be true that almost half of our citizens would blindly follow a failed man into the cataclysmic darkness? Is this the United States of America anymore? The founding of our democracy and our constitution were based on reason and the fallibility of authority. I know plenty of religious people here in New York, of all faiths, but none that would view a president as a messiah.

bush seems more a cult leader than a president of the United States. Those around him must be sycophants, or they end up resigning. His campaign appearances can only be attended by the fawning faithful. If bush were to get a second term, would those of us that live in the reality community be overwhelmed by the fabricated version of existence? Along with our democracy, would reality itself cease to exist, only a dreamworld in the minds of the uninitiated?

Is george bush our nation’s Jim Jones?”

natrat: “carefully indeed. notice they had to kill a senator to lock up the senate.”

MnFats: “One could compare the WMDs bulls***t to the burning of the Reichstag….and before long, does anyone doubt, we could see a few bodies in Iranian army uniforms turn up at the scene of some phony “battle” or attack on U.S. troops….months or years later, after Bush invades Iran, DNA tests tell us those bodies were those of “unlawful combatants” who disappeared in the early days of the Iraq War.

No, no, of course that’s not possible. That’s a ridiculous idea.”

Zhade: “Actually, I’m pretty sure that *9/11* was the burning of the Reichstag.”

Pachamama: “Which is why many people I know (myself included)seriously are considering moving from the United States if * has another term….I think things could get dangerous, not because we are criminals, but rather part of the intelligensia and folks who have been willing to question and challenge this administration and the media whores and anyone propping them up….I fear that a 2nd term will be their real “mandate” to step up their plans and they will have specific plans for people who dare to dissent….”

Hell Hath No Fury: “I’ve seen those ladies at the Bush rallies.

When I see them, I immediately flash back to a piece of footage I have seen over the years of a Hitler rally.

In it a young, blonde-haired, audience member is seen staring into the camera with a look that can only be describes as ecstatic. Her light eyes and face are literally aglow as she cheers on Hitler’s speech.

For me, she has always represented something that I never understood about Germany and its people during that time. How do you get there? How do you get to the place where you willingly and joyfully embrace madness? Flash-forward 70 years and there is an American woman, her eyes and face literally aglow as she cheers on Bush’s speech.

How do you get to that place? After 3+ years of Bush, I’m afraid that I now understand.”

Nordic: “The American people have been a big disappointment the last 4 years the fact that almost half of my fellow Americans are a bunch of scaredy-cats willing to destroy the country for the sake of a fantasy “safety” and willing to simply go massacre millions of brown-skinned muslims just because, well, it was brown-skinned muslims who “got us” on 9/11 …..

Well it’s disgusting. These Americans aren’t worthy of the name. They are cowardly blowhards who aren’t even willing to do the hard work themselves. Let somebody else go over there and do the killin’.

The last four years have made me pretty misanthropic.

The good people seem to be in a minority.

And don’t even get me started on the media’s role in all of this.”

Dr_eldritch: “Here’s a tinfoil hat issue…IMHO – There will be only one way to garner support to invade yet another couple of countries.

A one meg nuke popped off in a mediocre American city.

-Not as devestating as the Trade Center, but psychologically terrifying enough that Americans will go along with any PNAC plan.”

The Straight Story: “It won’t be a bomb – a new virus. Think ‘The Stand’. Something which they will think they can control, and will already have a cure for. Let it loose for awhile. Economy tanks, wide spread panic and fear, martial law. Trace virus to iran or somewhere, and the wars continue. Promise the limited produced cure first to those who join the armed forces.

A stretch to be sure. But still sits in my mind as but one possible scenario.”

grannylib: “Yeah and I wonder who the BushCo freaks will recruit this time to enact such a plan, to give them their ‘reason’ for retaliating against the wrong people?

The more I read about 9/11 the more I am totally convinced that the 9/11 commission is just as corrupt as the Warren commission, and that this misadministration LIHOP if not MIHOP, and would not hesitate to do it again if it would enable them to retain power.

These ‘people’ are NOT to be trusted. I am really beginning to think they are NOT human – no decent person with a heart/soul/conscience could POSSIBLY act the way the BushCo freaks do.”

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