The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Who Is Jeff Gannon & Why Is Bush Going To Have Him “Suicided”?

The left on the net is all atwitter over the “Jeff Gannon controversy”. This is a hot story on the left side of the blogosphere, Media Matters has written multiple articles about him, Salon is talking Gannon, and the DU is on fire over the story….

“JohnnyCougar (1000+ posts) Thu Feb-10-05 02:04 AM
Original message
20 out of 40 threads are on Gannon on this first page!!!!

Now there’s 21, I guess.

Can we have some moderation please!!!

I know this is a joyous occasion, but Jesus!”

This brings to mind an important question: “Who is Jeff Gannon and why should anyone care?”

Jeff Gannon was a reporter for Talon News, a very small conservative news site, and he somehow managed to get a press pass for White House press conferences where he asked **gasp** questions with a conservative slant!

This shocked the left because as we all know, White House press conferences should only be attended by unbiased, non-partisan, newshounds who care only for the truth — ya know, like Helen Thomas — hahahah — sorry, I couldn’t write that with a straight face. Believe it or not, this story captured the attention of the left (perhaps because they believe it may have a Valerie Plame tie-in).

But, the interest level roared up to “Memogate levels” on the left side of the blogosphere when Gannon was accused of being a closeted homosexual who owns some non-active gay porn sites.

Of course, this would be a big story — if it involved let’s say Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, or G. Gordon Liddy instead of a guy who’s so obscure that I don’t recall ever hearing his name until this story started to break. Why dragging a no-name conservative who may be gay through the mud is producing such glee on the left is beyond me, but they haven’t had an opportunity to do any gay bashing since Mary Cheney left the national stage after the election, so maybe they feel that they’re due.

But in any case, this molehill has been built up to such a mountain on the left that the Duers are actually speculating that Bush may have Gannon killed =D. It just has to be seen to be believed…

hector459: “He is a major embarrassment for the administration now and of no use to them. There is always the chance that a person like him might tell all that he knows. The Rovian-neocons are very capable of bumping him off and making it look like suicide, blaming his “suicide” on the liberal bloggers who drove him to such action because they exposed him.

Rovians always look for maximizing their attacks. This would kill three birds with one stone…or however they planned on doing it. It would get rid of Gannon, prevent any further revelations by him, and make “liberals” look like insensitive attackers. Nevermind the truth.”

BiggJawn: They’ve done it before…Suicides and accidents…Oh, and sudden terminal illnesses, too, like Jack Ruby’s Cancer…
and many, many more…”

bloodyjack: “Wouldn’t it be easier to just suppress any information he might reveal his suicide would more likely than not just draw unwanted attention to circumstances surrounding his death as well as his brief career as a reporter.”

RBHam: “He’s as good as dead, unless…He better get his @ss to Elliot Spitzer’s office like yesterday…Spitzer might be the only guy who can protect him…”

GarySeven: “Who CARES? one less of them is one more step toward freedom and democracy for the rest of us. As paradoxical as it may seem, the only way to have a tolerant, inclusive society is to be Intolerent of intolerence and exclude the exclusives.”

mitchum What he said! The less of them, the better.”

quisp: “just don’t get on a small plane like. Paul Wellstoned did.”

burn the bush: “would it be wrong to do a poll on which way he gets suicided?

a) slit wrist little blood
b) oops one car fatal crash
c) overdose
d) the ever popular double shot gun blast to the head

ok, I know, I crosse the line. very bad”

Can I inject a bit of much needed sanity after reading those delightfully insane posts? Republicans don’t care about this story, the White House doesn’t care about this story, the general public doesn’t care about this story, and it’s actually a little bizarre that so many people on the left seem to be in a frenzy over it…

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