The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Will The GOP Kill Howard Dean Just Like They Killed Kennedy?

One of the ideas that many members of the kooky left buy into is that every time a prominent Democrat dies, it’s because George Bush had him killed. If — God forbid — a Democratic Senator were killed tomorrow in a plane crash, car wreck, by a fatal disease, you name it, left-wingers across the net from Alternet to Ted Rall to Indy Media to The Smirking Chimp to Counterpunch to Bartcop to the Democratic Underground would all be suggesting that Bush had them rubbed out for some reason. It’s what they did when Paul Wellstone died. It’s just how their brains are wired.

Want an example of how these people think? Then take a look at a thread called, “Would the Republicans have Dean “rubbed out” if they perceive him as a real threat” from the Democratic Underground. It captures the mentality perfectly…

patricia92243: “Would the Republicans have Dean “rubbed out” if they perceive him as a real threat – by bringing the Democratic Party back to being in real competition to them? I’m convinced that is what happened to JFK – he was “terminated” so there would not be a Kennedy dynasty. In my opinion, the big-wigs in the Republican party are really, seriously dangerous. I worry about our guy.”

d_b: “I agree with that much. Stay the hell away from light aircraft.”

kaitykaity: “Yeah, he needs to stay out of small planes. The Pugs got two of their Senate seats that way — Carnahan and Wellstone.”

rwenos: “He’ll Need Personal Security. For sure he’ll need personal security, if he doesn’t already have it. The mere existence of Rumsfeld’s private staff of spooks confirms that need.

Right now the Pub’s are drunk with a wrong premise–i.e., that Howard Dean will lead the Dem’s down the path to Hell.

If that changes, and the polls surge our way in 2006, then Dean will need to think about electronic countermeasures (which SHOULD now be in place in Democratic National Headquarters — have we learned nothing from history?)”

xxqqqzme: “You’re joking – right? Howard is the one person saurove is would love 2 destroy. Dean is the one yelling the emporer has no clothes.”

AntiCoup2K4: “And yet they were both known to be in Dallas. Tricky Dick was at a Pepsi board meeting. Poppy can’t account for his whereabouts. The picture of the figure in the doorway of the book depository could be him, but it’s not conclusive. Though it’s highly unlikely that Poppy was one of the shooters, he was probably the “supervisor” on that particular CIA mission, as he was on the Bay of Pigs operation.

D@mn shame that the only two Bush operations that did NOT fail were the assassination of JFK and the establishment of the Bin Laden led mujahadeen which later became “Al Qaeda”.”

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