The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Wow! The Bushies Missed (Cheney)!

When I heard a suicide bomber had attacked a US base in Afghanistan while Dick Cheney was there (he’s ok, although an American soldier and contractor, among others, were killed), the first place I went to was the Democratic Underground to look around for libs who wished Cheney was killed or were spinning conspiracy theories about the incident. Sadly, they did not disappoint.

From a thread called, “Breaking MSNBC: Blast outside Afghan base; Cheney unhurt,” at the Democratic Underground Forums:

orleans: he probably sh*t his pants over this. then he probably had ANOTHER heart attack. (sure, the blast didn’t hurt him but did the heart attack kill him?)

just wondering.

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(am i being too horrible with this?)

hey dick: first the plane had mechanical trouble & now bombs are going off up your *ss. you ever get the feeling god thinks you’re an *sshole?

RamboLiberal: Yeah Dick – no fun when the pheasants can shoot back huh?

Raine: “Yeah someone certainly seems to be out to get him…God must be p*ssed at him.”

tenaciousradical: I wish he was just a little more p*ssed off…

saracat: Wow.The Bushies missed! They really want to replace Dick in the worst way! Too bad for them.Darth Vader is still VP! Seriously, why is a VP with a heart condition traveling to a war zone? Anybody?

bklyncowgirl: Yeah, wasn’t there some incident with his plane last week also? If Deadeye gets wacked blame Iran? First Deadeye Dick’s plane has mechanical trouble now the Taliban almost blow the old b*stard sky high. He must be getting a little nervous.

This is starting to sound like a Mafia movie except instead of “The Godfather” we have “The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight”. Maybe Shrub’s purging of the CIA got rid of all the guys who were pros at political assassinations?

Would the Vice President getting wasted be a good enough causus belli for war with Iran?

TheWatcher: Cheney Unhurt; World Disappointed.

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