The Democratic Underground Post Of They Day: Terrorist Attacks Are No Threat & Really Dangerous

Today at the Democratic Underground, a website so typical of left-wing thinking that John Kerry himself links to it on his official blog, the lefties are freaking out about the terror alerts. Not because they’re worried about terror mind you, but because they think it’s some sort of eeeeeevvvvviiiiillllll Bush plot. Here are just a few threads to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

TERROR ALERT: If you don’t think the BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire) is capable of bombing our own
Bush is down in the polls…..time for a terror alert…….yawn!
The real reason for the terrorist allert
Here we go… “THEY ARE HERE”. Prepare for US elections suspension
Terror alert is damage control for the Mayfield scandal

So the idea that Al-Qaeda could hit us with a terrorist attack is so unlikely, so laughable, so far fetched, that it’s practically impossible. In fact, if Bush is even putting the idea out there, it must mean that he wants to distract people or even plans to actually engineer the attack himself.

Meanwhile, John Kerry is claiming that we’re underfunding Homeland Security. Well, why to need to spend anymore money on Homeland Security? There’s no threat from Al-Qaeda? That’s what we seem to be hearing from the folks at the Democratic Underground isn’t it?

But of course, we all know that if Al-Qaeda does launch a successful attack against the US this summer, the very same people who thought this terror attack was a joke will blame George Bush personally for not stopping them.

That is what the MAJORITY of the American left has come to where the war on terrorism is concerned folks. No principles, nothing they’re willing to stand for, no care beyond lip service for the soldiers risking their lives or the hundreds of thousands of civilians here at home who could be murdered by terrorists, they’re just consumed with pure, naked, political opportunism.

To people like John Kerry, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the DU crowd, stopping terrorism is just a political football to kick around, nothing more, nothing less.

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