The Democratic Underground Reaction To Zarqawi’s Death

On this happy day, when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been declared dead, I thought I’d head over to the DU to watch the grumbling. That’s because if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about lefties, it’s that good news for America tends to make them unhappy because they’re afraid Bush and the Republican party will get the credit.

Don’t get me wrong, there were more than a few people who had a normal reaction: “Woo-hoo, Zarqawi’s dead,” but the majority of DUers were acting like their puppy just died. Here are a few comments I grabbed as I floated around from Zarqawi thread to Zarqawi thread:

Swamp Rat: …His worthless piece of sh*t *ss is now an asset – a martyr in an asymmetrical war.

Chalk another one up for Osama and all his loose associations around the globe because this is exactly what they wanted.

redirish28: So who else is wondering how much Bush will shoot up in the polls? That was the first thing my wife thought of. They are trying to save his poll rating.

benburch: One terrorist kills another. That’s a good thing! Bush got Ak-Zarqawi today. Finally. How many innocent people did we kill in all of the previous attempts, I wonder?

depakid: There’ll be 10 more lining up to take his place that’s what makes this style of “war on terror” fundamentally self-defeating.

w13rd0: bin Laden…likely just called up Dubya and told him where to bomb. Those two seem to have the same goals, and they both hate gays and “foreigners”. Both had hedonistic youths before finding religion. Two peas in a pod.

ShortnFiery: Gawd! Please, no disrespect – but this is only “a tool” that is used by the BushBotBorg to pick-up morale. It sort of equates to 1984 Announcements that our “chocolate rations” will be upped for the next month.

Translation: He’s a fictitious character. 😉

Too funny. One each, phony persona, al-Zarqawi functions (for us Peasant Classes) like the Wile E. Coyote of Islamic Terrorists. When the bombs fell, was he holding up a itty bitty umbrella? 😛 No worries though —> you can bet that within the next year he’ll be resurrected and firing another A.C.M.E. machine gun.

Bullsh*t! Until they pull out remnants of his tiny umbrella, I AIN’T BUYING IT

TheWatcher: *DING! DONG!* THE PHANTOM IS DEAD! The War Was Worth it!


Meanwhile, in the reality based world, the lies, the death, the destruction, the unabated crimes, and the spiraling into hell and fascism for our nation, and the senseless deaths of innocent Iraqi’s continues, without end.

But hey, Goldstien’s Dead.


sfexpat2000: It’s unspeakably cruel to do this to military families who must keep hoping that THIS TIME it means something real for them. For that alone, I hope Rumsfeld burns in hell or some equivalent for eternity.

PaDem: Everything he’s done over the past 6 years can now be forgiven and forgotten. He will go down in History as the man who rid the world of the elusive yet lethal Al Zarqawi. All the freedom hating Americans on DU need to now fall over each other trying to praise Mr. Bush like the Dems did when Saddam was captured. Of course in the process we’ll dutifully ignore the fact that Al Zarqawi and King George have much in common. I suspect they both loathe gays and wide ranging personal liberties. Both have an infatuation with violence and torture and both believe that they are in acting in accordance with God’s will.

Oh great day!!

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