The Democratic Underground Roots For The Death Of American Troops In Iraq

This is a guest post that I’ve done over at

Over at the Democratic Underground, their frustration at being unable to surrender to Al-Qaeda has boiled over, and now they’re giving their blessing to the murder of American troops by terrorists in Iraq.

The thread is called, “Do the Iraqi people have a right to resist foreign invaders?

The “foreign invaders” referenced are our troops who are currently in Iraq at the behest of the Iraqi government and are helping them defend their country against criminals, diehard Baathists, Shiite militia men, and Al-Qaeda. By the “Iraqi people,” they mean terrorists who want to kill our troops, murder civilians, and overthrow the government.

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Here are just some of the responses at the DU:

shadowknows69: I was just thinking of posting on this same thing Jack. We need a brave Democrat to call this what it is. An illegal occupation, after a liberation, if they must, of a sovereign country. OF course Iran is aiding the insurgents attack our troops. Where else do they have to go? If China somehow managed to occupy the US we’d be begging Cuba to send us coconuts to throw at them. Its a pretty sad commentary when the Iraqi people will even turn to some of their oldest enemies to try to eject the parasite known as U.S. Imperialism. A resistance uses whatever tools they have. The people fighting US, and I’m not talking about sectarian sh*t, are people who don’t want us in their country anymore because we’ve defiled their lands for too long and they know ultimately all we want is their resources.

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