The Democratic Underground Thread Of Day: It’s Good To Be Rude To Republicans You See At The Grocery Store

This thread at the Democratic Underground was just fascinating. It started with a liberal called “NoSheep” bragging about harassing some poor woman at the grocery store because she was a Republican and went from there. While not everyone agreed, the number of people at the DU who are so eaten up with hatred for Republicans — any Republicans — that they can barely stand to be in the same room with them was a bit surprising — or maybe not. Maybe this explains why Howard Dean thinks he’s appealing to his base when he publicly rants about Republicans. Take a look at some of the replies and you’ll see what I mean:

NoSheep: “Last night I tried to do a good deed. Just a simple nicety. I was on my way to check out at the grocery store. A woman and I approached the check out ALMOST about the same time-if I’d gone in at a normal pace I’d have beaten her for first in line. But I don’t “race” in the grocery store, y’know? I’d rather let some jack*ss in front of me than be reduced to that social darwinist sh*t. Besides, I was turning left and she was turning right and I thought I should give her the right-of-way. She had about the same amount of items as me-7 or so. No big deal. I said: “You go ahead.” “Well, Thank You!” she said and she “went right ahead”.(like they do) So I start checking her out and she’s carrying a pocketbook she probably paid 3 thousand bucks for. Really nice shoes, she was tan, trophy wife type (sorry, trophy wives) and had the “hairdo” that sugests weekly visits to the salon for the “works”. I’m thinking: ‘f*ckin’ republican’. SO I couldn’t help myself (I’d had a coupla Bass Ales) As she was leaving she said “Thanks for letting me in front of you” and I said “You’re welcome…I hope you voted for a democrat” and she said “OH-NEVER!!!” then I said “I guess your tax cut is too important for you to think about all those folks dying in Iraq?” The cashier and the people behind me BUSTED out laughing. The lady practically ran to the door to get out. SHAME ‘EM I say!!! SHAME ‘EM in PUBLIC”

Warpy: “Sometimes that works but more often it just makes that type that you described so nicely cling to her position even harder. I mean, how TACKY to bring up politics in a checkout line! How terribly UNMANNERLY! No wonder her people loathe the working class.

Don’t worry, though, the cognitive dissonance is getting to them, and you’ll be a hero to all the folks in that market who work to keep it running.”

FizzFuzz: “I have no need for “politeness”. Politeness is what keeps us silent, so many times. (And I’m not against all politeness, for the record. But when the truth is being suppressed, the powermongers really appreciate the power of manners to keep people quiet.)

And, I WISH I could come up with these perfect lines, like you and the OP did.”

LeftHander “What it shows is that the undercurrent of anger in America is beginning to grow. That anger and frustration is starting to manifest itself as behavior that is striking out at the symbols of our decadant, selfish society.

The “trophy” wife described above represents a very visible symbol of “McMansion” TV-Culture that many are seeing as the reason a *ss-clown like Bush was elected.

I say go with your gut. Nice playtime is over. People are dying because of the needs of shallow empty shells that pose as human beings.

Dehumanizing? Demonizing…?

Why not turn the tables on these f*cking puke sacks and try to shock some humanity back into them….tell them to stop watching TV and get a REAL life. I say start framing the debate by exposing the immorality of selfishness, greed and comsumption.

Ridicule them for stinking up the checkout line with foul smelling cologne, make up and hair spray. Tell them to take the cell phone outside and that you don’t want to hear about hyper parenting, American Idle crap.

He may not have her as a friend…she could care less if he was kind to her. But she sure as hell will remember when someone calls her on being a black hearted Republican.

End rant…”

in_cog_ni_to: EVERYTHING with me is about politics. If they vote repuke, that is not anyone I would EVER want as a friend. They’re disgusting human beings. They hate anyone who isn’t white, Christian, heterosexual, rich, and they are the most SELFISH, hateful, GREEDY group of people I’ve ever seen. AND they are ANTI-CHOICE! WHY the hell would I want to be friends with someone who stands for everything I hate? That just doesn’t make sense. I have NO repuke friends and never will. I can’t stand the very ground they walk on and they are all a waste of oxygen.”

malmapus: “My life was practically ruined because of Republicans, and I’m still in recovery financially. Being out of work for just under 2 years off and on out of the first 4 that Chimp was in office, and having to hear bullshit from the TV and freakin repugs on the street that the economy is getting better???

The fact that they so blindly followed in line behind this f*ck that got us into this war thats sending good soldiers home in flag draped coffins. I’m still waiting for the day that a name I know comes up.

I haven’t even spoken to my family members who voted for * in 2004, and barely tolerate my fiancee’s (her sister was staying with us the other night, I think I spoke maybe 3 words to her, and refused to see her other sister and her family when they drove out here from TN).

Anyone who proudly calls themselves a Republican and proudly stands behind Bush / Cheney can all go f*ck themselves for all I care. Personally I’d rather see them in Iraq.”

steve2470: I understand why you did what you did. When I was 16, I was a very liberal Democrat and gutsy enough to support the most liberal Democrat in the primaries for the ’76 election. Of course, most of my classmates laughed at me. I tried to stay away from Republicans. Maybe I’m hopelessly naiive, but I’d like to think, as txlib does, that with reasoned political discourse in a good forum that some of them can be won over. Let’s save the hardball tactics for the scum in Washington, and in the statehouses. The typical Republican (not all of them) probably has no real clue what is going on in Washington and how it really affects us. I’d like to give them that much benefit of the doubt. If I get to the point where I think all Republicans are out to f*ck me over, then I will seriously consider moving to Canada or Australia. I just think most of the Republicans are sheep being led to the slaughter as we are, and the rich Republicans will laugh their *sses off until the neo-Nazis come for them.

NYPagan: She was just a REPUgnant whore. They always are, real women don’t have time for beauty parlors and such, we are to BUSY earning a living for our family.

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