The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Americans Are Dumb & Ignorant

Why? Why? Why don’t the American sheeple respond to the brilliant and incisive messages of people like Michael Moore, Howard Dean, & Kos? I mean, did they not point out that Republicans are evil? Did they not explain that George Bush should be impeached, not reelected? So how can it be that the American people didn’t get the message?

It must be because they have little tiny pea brains that are incapable of grasping what towering intellects like John Kerry & Al Gore are saying — at least that’s basically what a lot of people at the Democratic Underground seem to think.

While of course there was not universal agreement, there were quite a few DUer’s in a thread called Democrats must understand that American people are dumb and ignorant who had no qualms about openly showing their contempt for their fellow citizens.

Here are some quotations from the thread:

Kentuck: “Democrats must understand that American people are dumb and ignorant. Not meant as a putdown, but stated as a fact. And when they talk to the “American people”, they need to speak to them in much simpler laguage. A very small percentage really understands intellectual discussion of the issues. They want it put on a bumpersticker for them. It does no good for our candidates to come out with a 12-step program to get our economy going again. Democrats need to re-learn language. They need to learn to talk with the people like they are in the first grade. Don’t confuse them or waste their time with “political” talk.”

radwriter0555: “Ignorant, yes, dumb? Not really. Americans are LAZY by and large what with being addicted to teevee and radio… just think; they’re addicted to ‘getting’ information fed to them in 12 second sound bytes, then run around waving their arms (see the 600+ false terror alerts) in horror.

Americans are lazy. They buy what they’re told to; listen to the music spoon fed them by morons in the radio biz; watch the movies the suits n ties tell them to watch and actually believe that talking heads on teevee are reliable sources of genuine truth, news and information.

Americans don’t READ. They don’t apply logic, they don’t discern; they have no critical thought process… they simply take the easy way out, and now, thanks to that apathy, we have the new hitler in the white house controlled by the New Americanazis in the republican party.


Maestro: “I’ve deal with the public on a daily basis. People really aren’t dumb just completely ignorant of the big picture. They fail to see how what happens in the world affects them and future generations. To be intellectual takes too much energy. They just think that someone else will fix the problems of the world. Also, they are quite selfish in thinking that they don’t need to worry about world hunger, environmental disaster, and general strife because they are fine, relatively speaking, where they are. It is quite pathetic really.”

Nimble_Idea: “Dude where have you been sleeping. Listen to talk radio and hear what garbage is fed to these people. They vote the way they do because Thugs far smarter and evil than they are manipulate them. It’s called White Power and dixie and all it implies. That’s all you need to know to figure those sheep out.”

Tom Yossarian Joad: “Unfortunately, speaking English on a level above third grade to the “average american” seems to leave most English speaking people (51% anyway) in a daze. Then they call the speaker an elitist.

America, the land of stupidmotherf*ckers.”

theophilus: “This should be a top ten point on Howard Dean’s bulletin board! Sad but true. I agree with radwriter that it is more ignorance and laziness than “dumbness” but the results are pretty much the same. I truly believe that this is the reason that Mr. Gore did not win in a landslide. He underestimated the ignorance and the anti-intellectual climate that has been created and nurtured by the RW over the last twenty to thirty years.

How does one get in touch with Dr. Dean? I’d love to have a conversation with him on topics such as this. I wonder what Hillary thinks? If we don’t deal with this fact then we, as Democratic Progressives, are going to be living with the DoDo, imho.”

seabeyond: “i refuse kentuck i just refuse. why do you think the people are so dumb because they have been being dumb down consistantly alst decade especially during bush time. i refuse and tell my children i refuse to allow them to be dumb down. they had better use their brain to follow me. i have high expectation,. i will not feed into the dumbing down of america. i tell my friends, exactly i expect more out of them, i especially tell my older nieces and nephews and their friends, i will not play their dumb down game

no no no”

Hat tip to RWN reader vogz for pointing out this thread.

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