The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Are You Proud Of The Troops?

At the Democratic Underground, someone named lebkuchen asks, “Are you proud of our troops?

While there were of course some people who were proud of our troops, more than a few Duers….well, let’s just say they had an alternative view.

As you read these comments, remember that this is the thanks our troops get for defeating a terrorist supporting, anti-American dictator and then hanging around to kill terrorists and help the Iraqis build a free, Democratic society…

hector459: “That’s more like it. i could never be proud of our troops in Iraq or Viet Nam for that matter. I felt sorry for them, but not proud of them.”

gWbush is Mabus: “I’m not proud of them. I’m ashamed of their torturing and murdering of civillians.”

leesa: “Not proud, sorry for most of them. Some I despise because they LOVE blasting Iraqis for no reason. Frankly, some of them should be in jail for life….they are simply paid sadists.”

mike_c: “no pride– we should be ashamed of what they’ve done…in our names, not proud of them. They’ve served as thugs and enforcers for a corrupt foreign policy. They’ve helped shatter a country already brought to it’s knees by ten years of draconian sanctions and an invasion premised upon bald-faced lies. The’ve participated in a war of aggression that mocks international law. They’ve murdered untold numbers of innocent civilians. Their occupation has created an insurgency that threatens to consume Iraq in civil war, and causes the deaths of additional innocents. They have destroyed homes and lives for no good purpose whatsoever.

I am deeply ashamed of them. There is nothing noble about what they’ve done in Iraq. They have not served or defended us– they served fascism.

To those who inevitably argue that they had no choice but to commit these crimes, consider that this circumstance neither exonerates them under law, nor makes their actions admirable. Only blind alliegence– the act of being a “good German”– can raise pride in what they’ve done in Iraq.”

UdoKier: “Neither proud nor ashamed. I admire the blind patriotism that motivates some of them, but I disapprove of the willful ignorance that creates that blind faith in Bush. I would be VERY proud of our troops if 90% of them had stood down and claimed conscientious objector status before the Iraq atrocity began. That would have shut the whole BS down.

And don’t tell me it could never happen. Military have turned against hopelessly corrupt civilian governments MANY TIMES.”

dvaravati: “no. Im proud of the guy refusing to go back to Iraq.”

Karenina: “I am patiently waiting for them to get a CLUE and realize they and their Iraqi victims are being abominably ABUSED by SCUM who mean NO ONE GOOD. When they pack their bags, DEMAND TRANSPORT OUTTA THAT HELLHOLE the Überreich have USED them to create and leave their weapons on the tarmac as they wave goodbye, I will be PROUD of them.”

Tierra_y_Libertad: “Cannon fodder and killers doing what they’re told to do. Proud of them? Hardly.”

NervousRex: No. “If a hit-man murders someone, they go after both the hit-man and the client. They are both guilty of a crime.”

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