The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Bush Sr. Tried To Kill Reagan!

One of the things that you have to love about liberals today is that they come up with new conspiracy theories to explain almost every bad thing that happens. Did terrorists fly planes into our buildings? Oh no, it was actually the Bush administration blowing the buildings up. What happens when Democrats lose major elections? The Republicans must have fixed it. Did some event happen that makes Americans more concerned about terrorism? Then Karl Rove must have orchestrated it to help Bush!

Well, the lefties over at the Democratic Underground have another theory they’re trotting out. It seems that only 20% of them actually believe John Hinckley acted alone when he tried to murder Reagan. Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “So, who do they think is really pulling the strings behind the scenes then? Some Democrat?” A Democrat? No, they’re all virtuous like Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy. The person really responsible is, of course, George Bush, Sr. After he assassinated Kennedy, it was just the next logical step. Oh wait? You didn’t know he killed Kennedy? Well, no worries, all will be explained by the baying moonbats over at the DU.

From a thread at the Democratic Underground called, “Reagan Assasination attempt. Lone Gunman? Conspiracy? Poppy?

maveric: Was Reagan planning on going away from the playbook? Doing things that his corporate masters didnt agree with?

dicksteele: It wasn’t a “warning”; Poppy tried to stage a coup. It failed, so his plans got set back a few years.

in_cog_ni_to: Poppy Bush is the ONLY PERSON living who doesn’t remember where he was when JFK was assassinated. I was in 3rd grade and remember it like it was yesterday. He was involved in that too.

bryant69: Hmmmmmm

Finally it’s all coming together. Clearly it was Bush who tried to have Reagen wiped out. Given how evil Bush and his family is, it’s really the only logical explanation.

For those of you who doubt this theory ask yourself the following questions.

1. Who would benefit if President Reagan had died?

2. Given their total lack of regard for human life, why would the BFEE refrain from rubbing out Ronnie?

3. Can you prove that Bush didn’t have a hand in the Reagan assassination attempt?…

madokie: So poppy bush is implicated in both the Kennedy assination and the reagan attempt. And now this killing in Iraq. Oh the evil ones


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