The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Cheney Must Be Using Death Threats And Blackmail To Keep The Democrats Under Control!

Despite the insane paranoia in this thread, the childlike faith shown in the Democrats in Congress is almost touching. The attitude is something akin to, “Well, of course Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Company wouldn’t sell us out for the sake of politics, so that evil Dick Cheney must be threatening their families!”

Of course, these comments are way too kooky to be cute, but still…

Beetwasher: SERIOUS Discussion About DEATH THREATS & BLACKMAIL Of Congress. Dems (By Cheney)

Yeah, yeah, I know all about all you “DU’ers” who think the Dems are ALL spineless corporatists in league w/ the Repubs blah blah blah. Whatever. No need to post that here. I get it, and while it may be true for some of the Dems, I don’t believe it for all of them. I think there’s MORE going on.

I think we all have to admit that it is possible if not probable that Dems in congress are being blackmailed and/or receiving death threats in order to force them to do the admins bidding. Spinelessness, cowardice and $ alone cannot explain ALL (or almost all) of them doing certain things and voting certain ways. And save me your tinfoil accusations. Blackmail and death threats do not take long stretches of imagination or paranoia to believe coming from criminal, psychotic scum like Dick Cheney.

Now I hear Leahy doesn’t seem to be pressing for the documents he requested before having the Mukasey nomination. And I can’t help but recall that Leahy received anthrax not too long ago.

Leahy to Mukasey: Can We Get Along?

Seriously, what in your opinion is BEYOND the pale for someone like Cheney? Would he threaten to nuke a US city (or allow it to happen) unless he gets what he wants? Threaten to kill a Senators family or loved one’s? Is ANYTHING too much or too far for him? And what, if anything, can be done about it?

Serious question here, please no snarky, simplistic (Dems are simply spineless!) answers.

quantessd: I was just thinking about this last night.
The way Pelosi started out, she seemed like she meant business. Her tone has changed noticeably. I think you may be onto something. It’s not such a crazy idea.

againes654: I agree, with you on Pelosi and it must be some real scary sh*t to keep ANYONE from stepping forward.

terisan: I the last interview I saw Pelosi looked drugged and scared as she made excuses. It was demoralizing

natrat: maybe they have them all drugged with something that would mimick a heart atttack if triggered. dont laugh cuz it’s definitly something potent

zidzi: That what she acts like..a classic case of “my family is going to be killed if I do anything in Congress that buSH*TS don’t like” syndrome!

AndyA: Well, if that’s the case, all the Dems should get together and make an announcement of this fact. They should tell America who is threatening them, and how they are threatening them. That would seem to be the best protection possible.

I don’t put anything past The Bush Crime Familyâ„¢, but when are we going to have someone brave enough to stand up to these people? America didn’t get to be America because of a bunch of chicken shit cowards, it became the great country it once was due to the bravery of our forefathers. Is NO ONE in Congress brave enough to stand up for what’s righ

alyce douglas: maybe we should put it out there, and question these Senators something is definitely going on. I wouldn’t put it pass them that they are being blackmailed.

Rene: Bet it’s not themselves they fear for….but family members.

lovuian: I think Congress has been threatened but heres the thing. nobody said it was an easy job. Wellstone was a warning. and I think they need to step up or get out

in_cog_ni_to: Here’s what I think has happened:

Leahy received his Anthrax, that was followed up with threats…”We sent you that anthrax and if you love your family you will do everything we want. If you don’t, your daughter, son, wife, grandchildren will have very unfortunate accidents and if you tell ANYONE what I am saying right now, we will kill them anyway, so unless you do everything we ask and keep your mouth shut while doing so, your family will die.”

I also think members have been bugged by the NSA’s illegal wiretaps and are being blackmailed with info obtained from those wiretaps…..and followed up with death threats to their families. Do you REALLY think this cabal is incapable of doing something like this? I don’t. Remember now, we are dealing with people who have stolen at least 2 elections, started an illegal invasion, have secret TORTURE locations around the world, have ordered rapes of children and women (at the very least, covered up the rapes) who are related to Abu Ghraib prisoners, have ordered torture of Abu Ghraib prisoners….the list of EVIL goes on and on and on and on. Put NOTHING past them.

defendandprotect: I thought everything was pretty clear . . ..when they assassinated RFK — !!!!

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