The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Feel The Patriotism

Over at the Democratic Underground, they’ve got a thread going called, “What still makes you proud to be an American?.”

Could it be that they’re going to point out, correctly, that this is the greatest nation in the world? That we have the biggest economy? The most powerful military? That we’ve done more good than every other nation in the world combined? That you have more opportunities here than in any other nation on the planet?

Not quite! Read some of the reasons why the DUer’s feel “proud” to be an American and let their “patriotism” and “love of country” just wash over you:

madmax: Nothing Since December 12, 2000 when the USSC broke my heart and forever shattered my faith in America.

Nikki Stone: The Dixie Chicks….and the fact that they’re not in prison……….yet. I guess that would be dissent.

Tyo: The fact that so many countries around the world are trying to figure out WTF happened to us. I’m proud that we used to be so much better and I’m hoping we can bring that back.

Nimrod2005: Possibility of watching BushCheneyRummyRice escorted into jail on live TV. One day would make me very proud of America…Proud that at the end of the day, people were held responsible!

pitohui: well if we can expand that to include mexico then this americana is glad that there is some protest being made of stolen elections

leftchick: nothing and it will be less than nothing when the repukes steal yet another election on Nov. 7.

neebob: Proud, schmoud. That attitude is what got us where we are today. It’s one thing to have a sense of community, but that’s not what proud to be an American is.

Proud to be an American is an unquestioning mindset that grew up pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth and bought into all the false history that was written to justify aggression, theft, and slavery.

Proud to be an American is into mythology, too, and likes to imagine that America is more than a patch of ground and it’s more than an accident to have been born on it.

Proud to be an American is too busy making money and buying stuff to really notice the vast machine above its head or think very hard about how that machine affects other citizens of the world and even lots of other citizens of America. Proud to be an American looks at someone who manages to rise to the top of the machine and assumes that person has admirable qualities and good intentions.

Proud to be an American is emotional and irrational. It fails to see things as they really are and is far too slow to recognize crimes and criminals. It’s beyond time to stop thinking that way.

Gee, you have to wonder why so many people question their patriotism…Oh wait, I meant to say you DON’T have to wonder why so many people question their patriotism.

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