The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: From Euphoria To The State Of Suckovia In Less Than 6 Months

If you only read the mainstream press, you’d think that only the Republicans have problems while it is smooth sailing for the Democrats.

However, the truth is that the Democrats are flailing nearly as badly as the GOP. Congress has been a disaster zone since the Dems took over and the Democrats are even less popular with the American people than the GOP was before they got creamed in 2006.

Moreover, the liberal base of the Democratic party is becoming increasingly demoralized and angry by the mediocre performance of the people on “their side” along with the inability of red state Democrats to be pure enough to please the netroots crowd.

Just to give you a sense of the creeping disillusionment on the Left, here are some posts from a thread at the Democratic Underground called ““Do you regret the sense of euphoria you felt on Election Night 2006?”

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Here’s the initial post and some of the responses,

journalist3072: Do you regret the sense of euphoria you felt on Election Night 2006?

I remember the downright giddy and euphoric atmosphere here on DU on Election Night 2006, as it became apparent that the Democratic Party would regain control of the House (of course the Senate was more uncertain for a couple of days).

And then today, I listened as Randi Rhodes read the names of some of the Senators who voted FOR the FISA bill over the weekend: Claire McCaskill, Bob Casey, and Jim Webb among them. Of course, these 3 were elected to the Senate last November.

And so my question to you, in light of the abmissmal performance of this Democratic Congress thus far: do you regret the sense of euphoria you felt on Election Night 2006? Or do you still have high hopes for this Congress?

movonne: have you read the article on the front page about the blue dog dems…

I am very disappointed in them and feel this country is screwed…the problem is we have no choices..

hisownpetard: I don’t regret the euphoria but I sure wish we had something to be euphoric about now.

I contributed to the campaigns of all three, and I’ll be damned if I can understand how the Dems voted to expand the spying powers, while Alberto Gonzales still sits in his well-appointed office, grinning and drooling on his blotter.

For my money, I would have been thrilled beyond belief if the Dems said, “Know what? Our democracy is truly in danger – and we’re not leaving until we right some wrongs.” But what did they do? Instead of spending months dealing with the issues surrounding FISA, they waited till the last week they were in session, pulled an all-nighter, made a big stink about bringing in cots, and then caved in to Bush’s demands, giving him MORE power than he had before – so they didn’t have to shorten their unearned vacations.

It makes me apoplectic to think about it. With Democrats like these,
who needs Republicans?

dflprincess: Gene Hackman has a great line in “Class Action”

“I should have died the day Nixon resigned.”

Somedays I feel like that.

TahitiNut Hell … all I was doing was waiting until peoples’ high wore off.

It was senseless Polyannaism, imho. As I’ve said before and will (sadly) say again, it’s gonna get a LOT worse before it gets better. You don’t get rid dandelions in the grass roots by snipping off a few blooms … and nobody is even snipping the blooms.

bushwentawol: Not at all.

I’m just angered at the fact that this entire administration in DC may very well get away with all they have done and not have to answer for any of it. If the Democratic Party will not remove Cheney and the gang from power I see it as a clear indication that the political system in this country is nothing more than an elaborate con game with both parties in on it. You want my vote candidates? Impeach and remove Cheney and the gang. Otherwise it’s 3rd party time for me.

parasim: I do kinda regret the feeling I had that the People really had the power…

I mean, I remember when the tears came to my eyes when I walked up to that voting both and discovered that I could still do this in my country and vote for who I wanted to be in there.

and thankfully, I lot of other people felt the same way and we won.

Now, however, the welling up of my eyes comes from the stark realization that I guess it doesn’t really matter who we put up there. The results are still the same.

WillyT: No, But It Went From A State Of Euphoria To The State Of Suckovia In Less Than 6 Months!!!

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