The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: George Bush Had That Reporter Killed!

Sadly, retired New York Times journalist David E. Rosenbaum died this week-end after taking a severe beating in what appears to have been a robbery.

It’s a tragic event — or — or — or is it a cleverly executed assassination organized by the Bush Family Crime Junta? Once you read what some of the folks at the Democratic Underground have to say, you’ll see Chimpy McBushHitler’s fingerprints all over this murder — or not — if you’re sane.

From the DU:

radio4progressives: This was a f*cking Hit Job by the Bush Junta vis a vis Porter Goss

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…Now if this isn’t an obvious hit job, i don’t know what is.

People we are living in a fascists police state and the few journalists who have been trying to do good work here in state side and in Iraq (and other regions)have been gunned down by the CIA time and time again.

These people are the U.S.A. version of the Gestapo.

Trevelyan: Thank you radio4progressives – we need to know about the journalists that the bush regime has murdered. I know it is scary but the tin foil hat routine won’t protect you. Standing up for our Whistleblowers may and to let these courageous people be murdered without saying a word is cowardly.

MadisonProgressive: D*mmit, they offed him

Rene: How’s this conspiracy for you all…..His death was just a warning to others in the media…….much like the anthrax death of the National Enquirer photo journalist who’d just published bush twin photos…..and the anthrax sent to others in journalism.

NIGHT TRIPPER: Wanna Bet these “robbers” who kill journalist bystanders are NEVER found?

How’s any potential witness ever going to remember a “dark” “vehicle” ?

“Dark colored vehicle”?
at least give us: black, dark green, dark brown–

C’mon –just “vehicle”? –give us something like: late model car/ older model car/ suv/ sports car/ Lowrider/
but not just “vehicle”!

Hit job most definitely.

Don’t dare write anything that questions our fascist regime or their true motives or ELSE this may happen to YOUI!

saskatoon: re this may happen to you. I’ve been wondering why there havsn’t been more exposes from our journalists and this is the answer of course—fear of being killed or one of their loved ones. Look, the b*stards will never stop their greed for total power and what’s a few murders to obtain it. And all you naysayers out there—wake up for gods sake.

Chicago1: This is the Bush Mafia AGAIN. KKKarl, WE’RE NOT DUMB. This one is going to be investigated TOOO!!!! START THE REVOLUTION!!!!

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