The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: George Bush Is Dishing Out Strokes!

Sadly, “(r)etired Gen. John Shalikashvili, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and now an adviser to Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry, has been hospitalized in Washington state after a severe stroke, Pentagon officials said Monday.”

Now most people, whatever their political persuasion might be, would be sorry to hear that Mr. Shalikashvili had a stroke and would wish him a speedy recovery.

Like I said…that’s MOST people.

But, to some of the kookier denizens of the Democratic Underground, every bad thing that happens, anywhere in the world is the fault of….

A) Satan
B) Terrorists
C) Hitler
D) George W. Bush

If you guessed D, you got it right! And of course, they blame Bush for giving Shalishkavili a stroke.

Don’t believe me? Just check out some of the responses from a Democratic Underground thread called “ Just on CNN: Gen. Shalishkavili in hospital–unknown reason“…

wordout: “poisoned. gotta take out all military opposition before martial law is declared..”

donsu: “yeah – BBBT&M. bushgang motto: bully, bribe, blackmail, threaten and if all else fails, murder works for them! we haven’t stopped them from doing what they want, yet.”

DeadHead67: “Probably the same kind of ‘Stroke’ that. . .all the people close to the Kennedy assassination suffered. Hmmmmm!”

daleo: “Saddam had a stroke recently, too. While in U.S. custody. Hmmm.”

Coventina: “My tinfoil hat is now officially ON!!!”

Voltaire99: “Get his testimony on video tape before it’s too late! Judging from the Bush administration’s depravity, it’s not unreasonable to fear the worst.”

Hat tip to A Small Victory for finding this post at the DU.

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