The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Hang The Traitors Who Support Bush!

They’ve got another nifty thread going over at the Democratic Underground.

It’s called, “Poll question: Is supporting Bush tantamount to Treason?” Just to make it clear that this isn’t hyperbole, that the person who started the thread means what he says, this picture (it’s edited down a bit) was posted under the title.

So, in other words, a “yes” answer is a, “yes, people who support Bush deserve to be hung from the neck until they’re dead.” So, how did it break down?

You know what would really be funny in a “Stalinesque” sort of way? Another poll question in the same thread that says, “After we take power and lynch all the Republicans traitors, do you think we also need to purge the 18% of us who are Republican sympathizers?” The reaction to that would be just priceless.

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