The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: How Stupid Are Americans?

Over at the Democratic Underground, a thread called, “How f..king stupid are Americans?” caught my eye. Here’s the full text of the original post:

Marmar: Sorry if I’ve missed threads on the new Harris poll, but I’m listening to the rebroadcast of yesterday’s Thom Hartmann show and can’t believe what I’m hearing:

– 50 percent of Americans believe Iraq had WMDs, based on that pathetic and embarassing Santorum and Hoekstra charade.

– 72 percent of Americans believe Iraqis are better off, post-U.S. invasion.


How can so many people in the world’s richest, most powerful nation that allegedly has the best of everything be as dumb as a bag of rocks?

Somebody stop this ride – I wanna get off!

So, let me get this straight. The 50% of Americans who correctly said Iraq had WMDs are stupid, apparently, because he doesn’t like Santorum and Hoekstra…or something. There doesn’t seem to be any controversy over whether the 500 WMDs exist, so it’s hard to figure out exactly what he’s driving at.

Then, he thinks Americans are stupid for believing the Iraqis are better off under a Democracy than under the iron fisted rule of a man who killed Iraqis day in and day out, at a much greater rate than the terrorists and militias have. In other words, Americans are dumb for believing that the Iraqi people prefer democracy to Saddam.

So, did the other DUers agree with him? Not all of them, but here are a few who did:

alyce douglas: “Ignorance is bliss for some American citizens total misrepresentation of the facts, or there are some who do not believe in the facts.”

oots: “USA USA USA USA.. We Don’t Care.. We Don’t Care.. We Don’t Care. Dumber than a bag of bricks…”

Double T: “The majority of the American public are gullible suckers…….that will believe anything and repeatedly change their minds on important issues. And you wonder why we are where we are???”

Nimrod2005: “This is a f*cking beautiful post, thank you…Answer:

Very very stupid…Twice as stupid as they look and 10 times as stupid as anyone you know.

I think 99% of all Americans households DO NOT watch the nightly news…Know nothing about nothing (foreign policy or political affairs…etc).”

leftofthedial: stupid all the way to the bone and as gullible as a yokel fresh off the turnip truck in my experience and did I mention ignorant?

The DU is a real window into the liberal mind, isn’t it?

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