The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: If They Steal The Election Again, What Then?

Over at the Democratic Underground, they have a thread called, “If they steal the election again, what then?”

As you take a look at these responses, remember that for ultra-libs like the ones you are reading, “they stole the election” means the same thing as, “we lost the election.” They believe the election was “stolen” in 2000, “stolen” in 2004, and if they lose in 2008, you can be certain that they will find a way to blame rigged voting machines, no matter what the circumstances are.

grannie4peace: i’ll pack up & leave

Indenturedebtor: Ditto. Would like to anyway but that would accelerate things for me n/t

iamahaingttta: Don’t leave! Get Angry…Sweetie and I were talking about this last night. I told her that if the election were clearly stolen, I would be out in the streets throwing bricks. If they steal it, we HAVE TO DESTROY THEM, by whatever means necessary.

In the long-run, that means we have to stop borrowing their money to buy crap that we don’t need anyway and then paying that money back with interest. That is how the rich get richer. We must put them out of business, marginalize them, and make certain that there is no place in polite society where they can show their faces.

In the short run, we have to make certain that they understand that we will be ungovernable. I am, and I know many other normal, average citizens who are willing to go to jail for a long time to make that point…

liberal N proud: We the people need to take to the streets. And take it back!

Blue Meany: General Strike. Don’t take to the streets. Stay home and demonstrate how little support McCain has and that he must have lost the election.

readmoreoften: There is no further right. If the Democratic Party doesn’t win, it goes to the left or ceases to be

If it goes any further right it will be right of the Republican party. Oh, and, by the way, it’ll still lose. So it won’t even matter.

What’s worse is that if Obama doesn’t go to the left after he wins, then America will be as disillusioned with him as they are with the Republicans now and then we’ll just get Republicans again 4-8 years from now. One step forward, one step back.

People don’t want a Democrat. People want jobs, rational energy policy, and an end to war (that will simultaneously quell their fears of terrorism.) All those solutions are on the left. That’s where they exist.

But all this is just a waste of breath, LOTD… If the election is lost, then the election was stolen. To me the question this election will answer is “Do we live in a cooly-managed plutocracy or a plutocracy ruled by a vicious nationalist sect?”

I call them the Nackies. The National Capitalists. This election is Right-Center Populists -vs- the Nackies

Neo: form my own cell

HughBeaumont: If McClown gets (s)elected, there’s going to be rioting. There’s going to be unrest.

There may even be a mild civil war between the dolts who voted for this d*ckhead and those who want to move away from that kind of regressiveness.

Come January 20th, I’ll be in D.C. either rioting or celebrating.

Up to you, America. Up to you.

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