The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: It’s OK To Vandalize A Hummer?

Over at the Democratic Underground, there is a thread on a man’s Hummer that was vandalized. Here’s the synopsis of the story,

“On a narrow, leafy street in Northwest Washington, where Prius hybrid cars and Volvos are the norm, one man bought a flashy gray Hummer that was too massive to fit in his garage.

So he parked the seven-foot-tall behemoth on the street in front of his house and smiled politely when his eco-friendly neighbors looked on in disapproval at his “dream car.”

It lasted five days on the street before two masked men took a bat to every window, a knife to each 38-inch tire and scratched into the body: “FOR THE ENVIRON.”

“The thought of somebody vandalizing it never crossed my mind,” said Gareth Groves, 32, who lives with his mother in a three-story home in the 3400 block of Brandywine Street NW in American University Park. “I’ve kind of been in shock.”

Now, as Groves ponders what to do with the remains of his $38,000 SUV, he has been the target of a number of people who have driven by the crime scene in his upscale neighborhood and glared at him in smug satisfaction.”

The take on this story over at the DU is fascinating because it’s split between people who quite naturally find this sort of vandalism to be unacceptable and other liberals who think vandalizing a car they don’t approve of is perfectly fine.

The sort of comfort with criminality on display here doesn’t say much for the Democratic Underground or the left in general,

SkyIsGrey: So the men…so many years ago that dumped the tea into the Boston harbor “battered” “Slashed” “Scratched” the cargo boxes. Those disrespectful thugs.

dicksteele: “Yup. If he REALLY wanted a Hummer, he’s PRIME enlistment material, isn’t he?

No, better that a bunch of kids who can’t afford $38,000 vehicles
should go die to secure oil for this sh*thead to WASTE.

F*ck him, and the Hummer he rode in on.”

Alexander: No tears for this guy. You know what you’re doing when you buy a Hummer.

I would rather the vandals have just left a nasty note on his windshield.

Oregonian: Maybe more dumb*sses will think twice before buying a Hummer. nt

zippy890: I never get the urge to trash a hummer like that. just puncture the tires. :evilgrin:

NOT that I say anybody should ever do that, of course.

It just pops into my mind when I see a Hummer.

then I squint my eyes and see it with the tires flat, and it just seems right somehow.

Jed Dilligan: I think its military origins make it a target nt

dpbrown: Ha, Ha! Edward Abbey Lives! Go vandals!!!

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