The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Liberal Complaints About Ann Coulter Being “Mean”

On Friday, I said this about Ann Coulter:

“It’s also worth noting that for all the hullabaloo what Ann Coulter has said, comments that are just as rude & vicious as the ones Ann makes are the rule, not the exception on the left.

It’s not the least bit unusual for liberals to call conservatives racists, Nazis, theocrats & fascists. They compare George Bush to Osama Bin Laden, call him a a chimp, and proudly talk about how much they hate his guts. They accuse black Republicans of being Uncle Tom’s, they throw pies at conservative speakers on college campuses, and they send the most racist, misogynist hate mail you’ve ever seen to minority conservatives like Michelle Malkin. They claim conservatives hate poor people and want old people to die in the streets. They accuse Republicans of wanting to lock liberals in camps, rigging the elections, invading Iraq just so Haliburton can make a few extra bucks, and of engineering 9/11 for political gain.

Then, despite the fact that this is just standard, run-of-the-mill discourse on the left, they turn around and complain that Ann Coulter is being mean to them? Maybe it’s just me, but I think I can live with that.”

Now, today? I ran across a thread at the Democratic Underground where they discussed Ann’s comment about Murtha in her latest interview at RWN.

Now, as you read these quotes about Ann Coulter from the Democratic Underground, which, quite frankly, aren’t anything out of the ordinary for liberals when they’re talking about conservatives that they don’t like, ponder the irony of all the complaints that Coulter is “too mean” to liberals:

Sarah Ibarruri: Exactly. The things Coulter says, are the things GOPers believe in. Which is why Republicans are subhuman.

Zorra: Why does anyone pay attention to this bimbo nazi airhead? She has the personality of cackling harpy fishwife at a public hanging, absolutely no talent for writing, and is incapable of thinking logically.

Oh, yeah…I guess that’s precisely why she is popular with the right wingers in this country.

Chi-Town: My guess the closest she’s been to the Military is during Fleet week in NY when she takes a couple of sailors home after getting sh*tface at one of the club’s she frequents.

Wonder if any of her “partners” have figured out she’s a man. LOL

Notice how she called the Jersey Girls Harpies? What’s that about disturbed people projecting what they think of themselves onto other people?

I would so love to have her gender questions solved for all the world to see then we can tell any Wingnut male that has been fantasizing about her the following, “Yes, it does make you GAY if you found “her” attractive.” Their reactions would be amazing since that is what every good Republican believes! LOL

rfranklin: Actually she is neither woman nor man, she is a beast! And sex with Coulter is like Santorum and his German Sheperd. Hot man on dog action. (With apologies to all innocent animals.)

wisteria: You know, I have had enough of her. A good, well aimed punch in the nose would help a bit.

smoogatz: I think frequent and consistent pie-throwing would be much more effective. Punching is just violent. Pie-throwing is a form of ridicule, and makes for excellent political theater.

The Wizard: How about urine filled water balloons?

The Wizard: Annie Coulter is the voice and face of the Republican party. Annie Coulter is the voice and face of the Republican party. Annie Coulter is the voice and face of the Republican party. Annie Coulter is the voice and face of the Republican party. Make them deny it. Make Annie (Arthur) prove his/her gender. I want to see genitalia. And Murtha can walk down any street in America without a body guard. Can Annie or her fuerher say the same?

Qanisqineq: oh Ann…you are why we invented bludgeoning

bushwhacked2008: somebody should fragg her

Tell you what: when these sorts of comments cease to represent how liberals talk about conservatives that they don’t like on a day in, day out basis, then I’ll start getting more upset when Ann Coulter says vicious things about liberals…

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