The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Rooting For America To Lose In Iraq

This is not going to come as a suprise to many of you, but there are liberals out there who hate America so much that they’re rooting for us to fail in Iraq. But, what may come as a surprise is that they were willing openly willing to say so over at the Democratic Underground.

Of course, there were some lefties who were genuinely appalled by the sentiment you’re about to read, but they were outnumbered lefties at the DU who hope we lose, but weren’t willing to openly come out and say so. Those people just posted some variation of, “pull the troops out now” which of course would be a humiliating defeat for America & would likely lead to civil war or an invasion of Iraq by its neighbors.

However, there were a few “honest liberals” who were willing to come out and say the sort of things that people like Ted Rall & Michael Moore don’t have guts to say publicly in a DU thread called, “A blunt question: Do you want the U.S. to succeed in Iraq?“. Here’s what they had to say…

cali: “A blunt question: Do you want the U.S. to succeed in Iraq? I don’t. If the U.S. “succeeds” in Iraq it will further empower the neocons to move on to Syria and/or Iran. The threat of a greater mideast war could well be realized. Things can get worse. Much worse. I hope the Iraqis elect representatives who kick the U.S. out of Iraq and tell bushco no way to the huge permanent military bases that we’re already constructing. Of course, it almost goes without saying that this war has already been a hideous debacle with a hundred thousand dead Iraqis, over 1200 dead American forces, 10,000 injured and a severely damaged infrastructure. For the sake of the Iraqi people, I hope a wider civil war is averted, but I don’t want to see bushco able to claim any degree of success.”

livinginphotographs “Depends on the definition of succeed. If by succeed you mean crush the insurrection of occupied Iraqis, killing scores more civilians in the process, and installing a corrupt puppet regime which will evolve into a Saddam lookalike, keeping the oil and the money flowing into Halliburton’s and the Bush crime family’s pockets, then NO.

If by having a new (and competent, I should add) president who withdraws the troops and apologizes to the Iraqi people for our actions, then yes.

I’d prefer a humiliating withdrawal, personally (with as little loss of life as possible on both sides). The war-mongers in the US really need to be taken down a notch.”

Bouncy Ball: “This is a hard question. The war we started there is immoral and unjust, so of course I don’t want to see an immoral, unjust war succeed.

But at the same time, I feel horrible for the Iraqi people. We went in there, busted up their country, started all kinds of sh*t, have killed literally thousands of them, destroyed their homes and businesses, thus livelihoods. The infrastructure is for sh*t.

It’s the Iraqi people I am mainly concerned about. And despite bush’s blather, his actions as CinC says the opposite, that he is NOT concerned with the Iraqis. For that matter, the people currently running the government don’t seem too awfully concerned with the US servicemembers they sent there, either.

I want things to be BETTER for the Iraqi people. I want us to stop KILLING THEM. And I want our US servicemembers back home.

But I just don’t see how those things are to happen with this group in charge.

Evil AND stupid is a horrible combination and they have it in spades.”

Voltaire: “No, I do not. And folks can take that any way they want to.”

DireStrike: “No. To ‘succeed’ now would require insane costs in blood and money, in addition to emboldening the neocons. With our media, even a pyhrric victory would be hailed as a stunning triumph.”

arcane1: “No. Hell no. F*ck no. If their plan was what they are telling us it is, then I would say definitely yes…however, it is not. I hope they fail miserably.”

RedCheckShirt: “I hope for failure. A US defeat in Iraq will lead to freedom for the oppressed people of Palestine.”

arewenotdemo: “Should we have wished the Nazis success in WWII? Because that’s the way I feel about the war in Iraq.”

itzamirakul: “I do not want the U.S. to succeed in..turning Iraq into a corporate state, which is what the plan really is. Iraq is to be the prototype to see how a country can survive if it is totally run by corporate interests. It is to be put into the hands of major big businesses from here and from other countries that have befriended this administration.

I want us to succeed in bringing our troops home immediately and safely.

Also, I do NOT support any soldiers who are gung-ho about going to Iraq to fight or for any families that stand-teary-eyed and praise Bush and say that their warrior-child died for “our freedom.” I have no sympathy for any soldiers except those who do not want to be there.”

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