The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Over at the DU forums, they’re having a discussion about whether they should leave America now (Yes, go, go, go!) or whether they should stay and try to fight against the government, presumably Red Dawn style, after all the liberals are sent to camps.

Enjoy the delusional liberal ranting!

helderheid: For those planning on leaving the US and those planning on staying

I don’t see why people are so angry at those who wish to leave the US – we don’t know for certain what our future holds but wouldn’t it be better if we had a world wide DU network in case we all have to leave sometime? Just like the Underground Railroad – this is the Democratic Underground Railroad.

I won’t bash anyone who plans on leaving. We need people inside and outside the US on the side of the Constitution.

Lerkfish: I support your statement. in my gut, I feel we are in an analagous situation as when the Nazis took over Germany. There is a short period of relative safety to leave, and then, there won’t be a way to leave, and then it will be too late.

I don’t consider those who left germany cowards, they are the ones who survived.

novalib: I Hear You….BUT I would rather be a live American, fighting the regime from outside the USA….than a dead victim.

If it ever gets that serious (and I believe it will, given the course of events), I’m going to leave and continue the fight from outside the United States.

bmcatt: I speak as someone who’s considering leaving. I have a wife and 2 young kids (3.5 years and 6 months). The country I was born in (almost 39 years ago) doesn’t exist any more.

I’m not against fighting. But my first responsibiilty is *NOT* to fight for the ideal of my country. It’s to fight for my family. The vast majority of American citizens seem to no longer remember nor care about the ideals of this country. Whether anyone wants to claim that it’s because they’ve been brainwashed, are listening to the propaganda or are just plain dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks stupid, it doesn’t matter. You can’t stage a revolution with a tiny minority. I see too many people (not here) who are perfectly happy to watch their rights get taken away, bit-by-bit, and think it’s ok, so long as they can watch American Idol and hear about the latest missing blonde girl.

I respect your right to your opinion that the ideals of this country are worth fighting for. I even support that effort. That does not, however, give you the right to insult and denigrate, nor question the patriotism of, those of us who contemplate escaping as an alternative.

Consider Germans in 1935-1937… If they had a chance to escape the oncoming tragedy of WWII, would you have blamed them for not staying and being “Good Germans”? I, personally, see the current situation as *very* akin to that

RufusEarl: If americans by americans i mean DU er’s leave the USA, to what country would one most likely flee to? I’m just curious, i don’t plan on leaving the states. But i have thought about where to make my stand, because i do believe we’re going to have to make a stand in the near future.

But my main question is this; Is there a particular country that most DUer’s will go? And if so why that country?

catmandu57: I can’t leave. Physically, and financially I’m here to stay, though if the worst case comes to past I’ll be picked up in the first wave, it gives me comfort to know that there will be people on the outside to continue the fight.

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