The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: The Bush Administration’s Anthrax Plot

It has been quite a while since the anthrax mailings have stopped and the FBI was never able to find out who was responsible. However, like OJ, those crazy kids at the Democratic Underground have never given up their search for the real killers, and now they’ve cracked the case!

So was it a rogue US scientist? An Al-Qaeda terrorist? A militia group? A secret Iraqi plot? No, according to these DU’ers, it was that nefarious source of all evil on planet earth, the Bush administration…

Whoa_Nelly: “Anthrax: Why did the “threat” stop so suddenly? have been wondering why there was such a spate of anthrax threats/findings/deaths just after Bush was selected in 2000, and then why did all so suddenly stop? Was this a Rove/Bush scheme to begin the state of terror in the US?”

Sentinel Chicken: “They were trying to use anthrax to drum up support for … their planned war in Iraq. They were trying to create an excuse to attack Saddam. When 9/11 happened they had all the excuse they needed for their war plans. They found out it was semi-traceable later. This is why when people talk about 9/11 conspiracies I think they’re looking at the wrong crime.”

fertilizeonarbusto: “Dust for Shrubby’s fingerprints…I always thought all of that smelled.”

MadAsHellNewYorker: “It was after 9/11. only democratic leaders (Daschel and Leahy were the two most prominent Dem’s to get letters) who were in a position to oppose the patriot act received the letters. No republicans ever got an anthrax letter.

They stopped because the administration did not need to keep the Dem’s in line–they had already showed them who was boss.”

Warpy: “Right, I think the origianl plan was for a much wider “attack.”

They planned it to justify their war against Iraq, the centerpiece of their idiotic foreign policy of imperial domination.

9/11 happened and the attack was scaled back to just those people who needed the most intimidation: journalists (including the one who published photos of the Bush brats falling down drunk, an attack that proved fatal) and Democratic congressmen. They just couldn’t resist those targets, and that’s how we know who ordered it.

Typically arrogant and hamfisted, they never expected the wide contamination as the spores exited through the paper of the envelopes, nor did they expect it to be traced to Fort Detrick so quickly.

They don’t care. Journalists and Democrats in Congress were sufficiently warned. Neither will dare voice criticism of the boy king.”

spanone: “Why have ALL the threats stopped???? Election Over.”

gratuitous: “It had served its purpose

Once the media and Democratic leaders were sufficiently intimidated, the threat went away. Mobsters don’t usually have to break a guy’s legs twice, and all that screaming and yelling a victim does can hurt your ears, ya know?”

notadmblnd: “because their purpose was served

Two Dem Senators were given a warning and the real target (the guy that was responsible for piblishing the photo of the bush twins falling down drunk in the tabloid) died.”

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