The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: The Star Spangled Banner Is For Sheeple

You know that horrible feeling you get way down in your gut when you hear the Star Spangled Banner? Oh, you don’t? Well, then I guess you must not be a liberal who frequents the forums of the Democratic Underground:

in_cog_ni_to: Has this ever happened to you? The Star Spangled Banner use to bring tears to my eyes. I would always choke up with pride when I heard the anthem. (before I learned how bad this freakin’ country is) and last night at my son’s wrestling meet, the school we were at played the Star Spangled Banner (that’s never happened at any other meet) and I found myself…..ANGRY BEYOND BELIEF! I WAS P*SSED THAT THEY PLAYED IT. P*SSED THAT I HAD TO LISTEN TO IT AND P*SSED THAT THE SHEEPLE STOOD THERE WITH THEIR HANDS ON THEIR HEARTS as if this country is something to be proud of. I was SHOCKED by my gut reaction. I was FURIOUS. It was so unexpected. Have any of you ever experienced that? It’s been YEARS since I’ve been at any event where the SSB was played and my reaction was so visceral. I-was-angry.

MADem: I am permanently sickened by GOD BLESS AMERICA, myself. I used to like it, the odd time I would hear it, in Kate Smith style. Now, it makes me physically ill, frankly.

Rabrrrrrr: I no longer sing it. I refuse to sing it. I will stand when it is played, but I will not join in. I will not say the pledge of allegiance, either.

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BoneDaddy: I can definately relate. I work in a school and every morning we are “forced” to say the Pledge of Alligience. Back when I had some pride regarding being an American I would participate in the pledge with some gusto, now I find it empty and meaningless, some collection of impotent words with no real relationship to what is occuring in this country.

There is a right wing woman I work with who, like some kindergarten child who just proudly learned the words, stands up, hand over heart and loudly says the pledge like a good sheep should. It makes me sick.

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