The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: The Truth About Zarqawi

The latest thread at DU started out simply enough, with a lefty poster acting as if it were actually courageous to condemn Abu Musab al-Zarqawi while simultaneously blaming the White House for his terrorism

ChiciB1: “Okay I’ll Say It… Zarqawi IS A LUNATIC!! As long as he’s out there doing HIS damage… OUR Idiot can keep beating the “Terra” drum!!

What can be done???? Killing all these innocent people only fuels the WH Agenda!!! Even IF OUR Idiots Provoked them!! And THEY DID!! IMHO

Am I in “left” field here????”

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From there, things only got loopier and hence, more entertaining…

AntiCoup2K4: Zarqawi is a computer generated composite sketch. There is no such person.

Lerkfish:you see the dots, you’re just not connecting them. If Zarqawi’s actions benefits Bush, who do you think is directing him? if there even is a Zarqawi

Jacobin: Who said that? (Zarqawi’s) no more glorious than Smirky’s Band of Shock N. Awe murderers.

why do you think the people who fight for the 84% of Iraqi’s public who want to drive the U.S. out of Iraq, are any worse than the people blowing up women, children and men and frying them with phosphorous?

Just rank American Nationalism, or is there something more here to discuss?

leesa: Ummm….do ya think perhaps you’re being duped by the warmongers? Very doubtful these things are done by either Zarqawi or AlQaeda…nothing to be gained for them….EVERYTHING to be gained by the coalition forces and their silent allies.

Read 1984 and focus on the usefulness of an contrived omnipotent villain like OBL or Zarqawi. Very handy

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