The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Why Do People Join The Military?

Over at the Democratic Underground Forums, there’s a thread asking, “Why are people still joining the military?

Now, not every response ripped on the troops, but I think you’ll find that there were several responses that confirm the worst stereotypes about liberal attitudes towards the military.

For example, here’s why some of the libs at the DU think soldiers join the military,

obama_girl: 2 things. Blood money and blood lust.

catmandu57: Offhand I’d say poverty and lack of hope. there are many areas of this country where there isn’t any hope of employment, or meaningful employment from the rural areas to the inner cities. I can speak more to the rural situation, in the town where I lived when I was a young adult there should have been a sign at the limits saying abandon hope all ye who live here.

It hasn’t changed, for some there may be some misguided sense of patriotism, but mostly I think it’s the avenue of last chance for many.

lonestarnot: Sanctimonious sacrificers. Pat themselves on the back for “doing their duty.”

Solon: As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. n/t

Karenina: (#57) Why? A lifetime of miseducation. How? It can’t be by anyone who has the critical thinking tools to view it.

scarletwoman (Reply #57): Thank you! I haven’t read through all the comments yet, but I just wanted to chime in here and express my complete agreement with what you wrote. So far, it appears that the responses you’ve gotten have been all negative. I want to balance that out by saying that I think what you wrote is absolutely right on.

Few people want to examine their unquestioned assumptions — much less confront the fact that they’ve been brainwashed since birth by the militant narratives of an inherently genocidal culture.


stirlingsliver: Ignorance. People who ignore reality are ignorant.

Anyone joining the military is just not paying attention to what the military is being used to do.

Bornaginhooligan: I don’t want to say it’s old fashioned stupidity. But I can’t think of a different reason that holds any water.

Madspirit: Fear, xenophobia, ignorance, racism, hostility, violence…macho America…n/t

Sadly, these sort of comments tend to be the rule, not the exception, when liberals are honest about what they think of the troops.

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