The Democrats Extremely Flexible Version Of Patriotism

From Carl Sheeler, a Democrat running for the Senate in Rhode Island, here’s a billboard he obviously thinks will convince liberals to vote for him in the primary:

Yes, why don’t more Democrats start calling for Bush to be impeached for listening in on the conversations of people talking to Al-Qaeda without a warrant and saying the exact same things Democrats did about Iraq’s WMDs which, for all we know, may be sitting in Syria right now?

This makes lots of sense, right? After all, look how well the impeachment worked out for Republicans! Clinton left office with an approval rate of what, 65%? And in this case, Democrats want to try to impeach Bush, in essence, for defending America from terrorists in ways they perceive as being, “too aggressive.”

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Sounds like a political winner to me…for the GOP. Go for it, you Dems!

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