The Democrats Oppose An American Victory In Iraq

Initially, the Democrats were just pushing the non-binding resolution opposing the surge and were holding off on cutting funds for the war. But now, they’re escalating in the House and John Murtha and Company are actually going to try to block the surge.


Because it’s working. Violence is dropping sharply, Al-Qaeda is fleeing Baghdad, Al-Sadr ran for Iran, the tribes in Anbar are cooperating with us, and the Iraqi military is stepping up to the plate.

Because the Democrats habitually put their own political prospects above what’s good for the country and the troops, they’re deliberately trying to sabotage the war. Let me be even more blunt: the Democrats want America to lose the war in Iraq because they believe it will help them politically in 2008. It’s dishonorable, it’s disgraceful, and it’s bad for America — but, it’s also the policy of the Democratic Party, with the exception of a handful of honorable men like Joe Lieberman.

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I’ve been saying for quite a while that defending America is now a partisan issue and the shameful way that the Democrats are acting in Congress has proved me right.

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