The Democrats’ Road Map For Terrorists

The newest liberal plan to inspire the terrorists to fight on against our troops and thereby thwart success in Iraq, has been revealed:

“In a direct challenge to President Bush, House Democrats unveiled legislation Thursday requiring the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by the fall of next year.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the deadline would be added to legislation providing nearly $100 billion the Bush administration has requested for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The legislation requires Bush to demonstrate whether progress is being made in Iraq by July 1 of this year and again on Oct. 1.

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If progress is not demonstrated at either deadline, the process to take troops out of Iraq would begin.

Pelosi said if progress is shown, combat troops would still begin withdrawing by March 1, 2008 and be out of the country by September.”

How much sense does it make, in March of 2007, to be making a firm military decision about what we’re going to be doing in Iraq in March of 2008?

Moreover, why are the Democrats so bound and determined to get every American soldier out of Iraq in 2008? It’s certainly understandable that we wouldn’t want combat troops patrolling the streets by then, but they want American special forces that may be targeting Al-Qaeda to be gone by then? Why do they want American advisors who may be helping the Iraqi military and police out of the country? Why do they oppose using American air support to help the Iraqis?

If we’re winning — and let’s face it, if we’re not winning by March of 2008, Congress will force Bush to pull the troops out — and American troops aren’t getting killed in significant numbers, why would we want to cut off Bush’s option to have American troops there, in the background, helping to make sure Iraq remains a free, democratic society? That’s basically what we’re doing in Afghanistan today, so why not do it in Iraq, too?

Simple: Because the Democrats in Congress have made a calculated political decision that seeing America defeated, our troops humiliated, and Iraq exploding in violence and civil war will help them in 2008 because they can blame it all on George Bush.

PS: House Minority Leader John Boehner didn’t go quite as far I did in his press release that nails the Democrats on this issue, but he came pretty close. It’s nice to see that at least this once, we have a Republican on Capitol Hill who doesn’t come across like he’s been neutered when he’s talking about the Democrats. Here’s Boehner’s release,

Boehner Statement Opposing Democrats’ Road Map for Terrorists

WASHINGTON, DC – Today House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) responded to the latest proposal by House Democrats explicitly designed to hamstring the ability of American troops to succeed in the Global War on Terror:

“General Petraeus, not Speaker Pelosi or John Murtha, should be making military decisions based on conditions on the ground. Democrats are using a critical troop funding bill to micromanage the war on terror, undermine our generals on the ground, and slowly choke off resources for our troops. Under the guise of supporting our troops, Democrats are actually mandating their failure.

“By establishing – and telegraphing to our enemy – arbitrary timelines for withdrawal, Democrats are providing little more than a road map for terrorists, a tool they will use to plot their maneuvers against American forces. Tying equipment and resources to a series of conditions and expectations amounts to little more than a revised version of the previous ‘slow-bleed’ strategy supported by Democratic Leaders. Democrats have made it clear that whether or not our troops are able to meet Democrats’ expectations, their funding and resources will dry up. Choking off resources for our troops is tantamount to handing the enemy victory itself.

“Republicans will continue to stand united behind our generals and our troops for victory in the global war on terror, and will oppose Democrats’ road map for terrorists. We will not jeopardize the safety and security of American families, or that of those to come in future generations, by giving our generals and our troops anything less than our full and unfettered support.”

NOTE: This morning, General Petraeus briefed congressional leaders from Baghdad live via satellite feed, providing them with an assessment of the situation on the ground, outlining the successes of the new plan to date, and some of the challenges that lie ahead. Not a single Democratic Leader from the House attended to receive the General’s first progress report.

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