The Democrats Use The Troops As Human Shields For Their Pork

The Democrats are playing political games with money intended for the troops — big surprise there, not. From Bloomberg,

Democrats May Add Money for Avocados, Mangoes to Iraq Measure

President George W. Bush’s first spending fight with the Democratic-controlled Congress may come over the Iraq war — and avocados and cattle and flood protection.

Lawmakers are pushing to add billions of dollars to the administration’s war-funding request to meet a host of unrelated demands, including those from California fruit farmers hit by freezing temperatures, ranchers whose livestock were killed in Colorado blizzards and children poised to lose their health insurance.

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The potential add-ons threaten a battle in the coming weeks with the White House. Bush has never vetoed a spending measure, and Democrats, betting he won’t veto one paying for the war, see a way to aid a number of constituencies seeking federal aid.

“There are urgent, emergency situations that have to be addressed,” said Senator Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat.

Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican, said the extra spending is “fiscally irresponsible and it’s blatantly unseemly.”

“We’re supposed to be fighting this war and paying for the troops — making sure they have what they need,” he said. “We’re not supposed to be paying for avocado growers.”

Avocados, mangoes, money for farmers, flood protection, money for health care of civilians — why is this being included in a bill that funds the troops? So Bush has to choose between stopping wasteful spending or funding the troops. In other words, the Democrats are using the troops as human shields for their pork projects. “(B)latantly unseemly,” is right.

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