The DU Post Of The Day: Why Would I Stay In A Country With People Who Welcome Fascism?

There are lots of good reasons to vote for Bush in Nov. He’s serious about fighting terrorism and Kerry isn’t, making the tax cuts permanent, the pro-marriage constitutional Amendment, multiple Supreme Court Justices may be selected by the next President, Social Security Reform, tort reform, etc, etc, etc.

But, as an extra added bonus, there are apparently some lefties at the DU already planning to run for the border if Bush wins! So in effect, a vote for Bush, means less of those ka-ray-zee libs at the Democratic Underground will be walking the streets. Here are a few comments from the DU to give you an idea of what they’re saying…

G_j: “On leaving the country. I am one who would consider leaving the country if Bush remains in office. However I am unemployed and can’t imagine how I could afford it, or what countries would want people with no money showing up at their door. This makes me think of how many other people must be in a similar situation. Would there be countries who would recognize Americans as refugees?”

coalition_unwilling: “The need for a new “underground railroad”. There was a huge exodus of intellectuals and refugees from post-1933 Germany and I would expect a similar trend to start developing after November.

It seems to me that there are mutliple strategies available for fighting the onset of fascism in America, both internally and externally. For those who wish to carry on the fight externally, the resistance needs to develop a new “underground railroad” to start enabling the exodus.

From what I’ve heard on the grapevine, the American Friends Service Committee already has something of the sort set up for war resisters. I don’t know the truth of that, as I can’t seem to find a source for it right now, but I will be donating funds to AFSC this year precisely b/c of it.”

ellie: “I feel the same way. Why would I stay in a country with people who welcome fascism? That a lot of people think smirky is a brave and glorious leader scares the hell out of me. I don’t want my taxes to pay for wars and injustice. I don’t want injustice perpetrated in my name. Let the True Believers™ pay. I will be out of here in a heartbeat.”

T Wolf: “guerilla warfare. There are many things that can be done on an individual basis to monkey-wrench the system if it is totally corrupted. But you first have to recognize that you are in a war. Throw out the Marquess of Queensberry rules and use every weapon you have.

And yes, it is tempting to just leave (if you can) and “let them Cheney themselves” but the reality is that (1) many here will suffer if we quit and (2) they will spread their destruction everywhere in the world so it will catch up to you whereever you go. Just like pollution, repuke evil recognizes no boundaries.”

donkeyotay: “I keep having the same thoughts about leaving and where to go. Some of the reactions to this post remind me of an article Michael Ruppert wrote back before bush got his war. He was responding to folks who had just gotten involved and how some of them seemed to have an overly confident view of their power to change the political outcome. Ruppert noted that many people had fought many battles, and many of them had been spent in the process. The fresh horses come in and think that surely they can turn the tide.

Protest comes in many forms. I’ve come to the point where it is not acceptable to me to have my taxes used to support this junta. That leaves me with two choices: I can go to jail, or I can leave. If I go to jail, will you be joining me there?

Call me a coward, a quitter, or un-American… whatever super-patriotic crap you want to hurl, but I don’t think that going to jail in this fascist state it going to change anything.

Knowing what we know today, if a) a majority of Americans are okay with bush or b) the junta rigs another election (with media complicity) I think leaving is a perfectly reasonable response, one I might choose myself.

There are practical issues of where to go and what country would accept us, as we would be refugees.”

Zorra: “LOL. Americans didn’t do anything after Bu$h stole the election in 2000 and they won’t do anything if he steals the next one. Americans are so fat they couldn’t even boycott donuts, or go on strike for an hour to save their freedom.

So, what’s the plan if Bu$h steals the next election? Yell at your TV when Bu$h comes on and tells everyone that Patriot Act II has just turned the Constitution into toilet paper?

And what are you going to do to “help” the cause that someone who leaves the country can’t do? At least someone that leaves the country can stop paying taxes and is no longer participating in the the financial system that supports the dictatorship. At the same time, someone living outside the country can still vote, donate, and participate in the political system.”

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