The Early Lefty-Blogger Reaction To The Alito Nomination In Quotes

Here are some of the more interesting early reactions to the Alito nomination from the left side of the blogosphere.

“Listen *ssholes, we all know how to read between the lines. You didn’t want the stealth candidate. You wanted the fight. We all know godd*mned well where Alito stands on abortion. No one’s buying it, and if you were so confident you could ram this through, you wouldn’t be trying to sell it. You know godd*mn well, the American people will support a borking of your uterus fetishists, that’s why you try to cloud it. But you have your five seat majority in the Senate. Time to check nuts. If Frist wants to exercise the nuclear option, that’s what it’s gonna take. Because there will be a filibuster. And if there isn’t, then the Democratic Party is done. But needless to say, I’m as jacked for this fight as any, right-wing anti-enlightenment fetus worshipper.” — jedmunds from Pandragon

“The pundits are saying Bush’s nomination of Alito to the Supreme Court will set off an all-out political war. But to have a war, both sides have to fight.

The Democrats will rant and rave: words. In their continuing ineffectiveness and overall spinelessness, the supposed opposition will do nothing significant to block what is now looking like the total remaking of the court to a far right wing stance.” — Bayosphere

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“So this is the next step in the game: a hardcore wingnut, ready to hunt down the uppity women. Pretty much. He is also otherwise a wet dream for the radical cleric wing of the Republican party.

…We can ask what it means that Sandra O’Connors is replaced by this particular testiculated wingnut at this particular moment, leaving Ruth Ginsburgh the last representative of the majority of Americans on the bench. Or this would be what I would do, but the rule is to argue that the bench is deficient in wingnuts only, and Alito is sorely needed to increase the power of the Scalia contingency. Lots of possible Opus Dei boys here? Hmmmm. I better not touch that one.

But I can talk about the other game, which is to try to figure out if Alito is meant to be the second nominee to appease the wingnuts before the third and final one will be brought out. This would mean that a Big Fight is expected and that the Democrats are supposed to hammer Alito back into the underground with their stern little hammers, to help Bush, so that he doesn’t get stuck with this wingnut who would make even his daughters’ lives harder.” — Echidne Of The Snakes

“The Supreme Court is a symbolic institution. And the visions pursued by those perched there matter. Alito’s vision of America is a dark place, and Democrats should be sure that voters know it. We may not be able to stop this nominee, but there are other ways to win the fight. Alito may prove more useful if rammed onto the Court atop voter objections. If we can win the debate about his ideology and force Republicans to rally round and confirm an unpopular nominee, he may prove more troublesome for them in success than failure. For decades now, Democrats have been losing the argument on Roe, getting tooled on the desirability of regulations, and being generally smoked on judicial issues because winning in the Courts had allowed us freedom to indulge losses in the public arena. Alito, if played right, can change that.” — Ezra Klein

“They say dry drunks are ticking time bombs of self-destruction. They’ve white knuckled it through the DT’s, but haven’t acquired the skills needed to build and maintain stable successful lives. They may put on a good show for a while, but stability & success make them anxious. Eventually they’ll find a way to self-destruct themselves back into the chaos & failure with with they’re so much more comfortable. Alito’s nomination tells us Bush’s time bomb has detonated.” — gaije from The Daily Kos

“How is it that the very people most insistent on a candidate who interprets the Constitution from a rear-view mirror, purist, reflection of the founding fathers’ admirable intentions are the most anxious to surround the new candidate’s nomination proceedings with a three-ring-circus of current political angst?

Surely they would disapprove.

The whole thing bespeaks of a preschool bully mentality. The main purpose is to visibly take over the yard. It’s much like planning a beautiful wedding and inviting the chain gang from a neighboring prison as guests. The bride is likely to get mauled and the groom hospitalized.

If the Democrats fall for this one – are suckered into low blows – they’ll be letting the bullies call the shots — in political power parlance, employ their own “regimes of truth.” Besides, being predictable is the kiss of death in persuasion and politics of any type. Allowing the other side to make you look petulant and desperate is exactly what’s desired here. I vote for the high road – but not the quiet one (we’ve had enough of that) and not the erudite one. Here the high road is calling the anticipated attacks what they are – an attempt to ambush process with political turpitude, an understandable yet deplorable effort to regain pride lost in their party’s recent unfortunate events, and to belittle and demean any form of disagreement, which the hearings are intended to give voice. Then, if the entire process hasn’t sunk beneath contempt, I’d try quoting a few justices who actually understood that strict interpretation of the Constitution without regard for modern-day consequences is as ignorant as holding a political mugging at a Supreme Court Justice hearing.” — Kathleen Reardon from Huffington Post

“The Democrats should start floating the idea that as soon as we regain control of Congress and the Presidency, we will proceed to restore balance to the Court by adding two new justices if the Judicial filibuster is abrogated.” — The American Street

“Alito, schmalito. Of course, he stinks, and stinks worse than usual. You expected a reasonable nominee from Bush? Are you joking?

Now look. Of course, if Alito isn’t vigorously opposed and if he gets to the court, the extreme right will advance one more ominous giant step along the road to establishing the US as a Christian Taliban state (and no, rightwing nuts: I don’t think they’ll convert baseball stadiums for use as mass execution centers of heretics, liberals, abortion doctors, their patients, and gays. Well, at least not for a few more years, anyway.)” — Hullabaloo

“Bush told us that the Miers pick would be great for the court because she didn’t have a judicial resume, but instead had real life experiences as a woman breaking down barriers. Yet this week, Bush has forgotten all those words in touting the long conservative judicial track record of Alito, who seemingly takes the position that women have their place, as second-class citizens, barefoot and pregnant.

The American Taliban has jerked their strings on George W. Bush, and now Bush has given them a candidate they wanted all along. The talk of a filibuster by Democrats has yet to start, and there is the threat of the nuclear option already being unsheathed by some inside the Taliban. To Democrats, I say: don’t run from these threats; embrace them.” — The Left Coaster

“There will be more, there will be more about Alito in the days and weeks to come to demonstrate just how many mothers he’s f*cked. One guesses, since this is raw meat for the Christian right, it’s gonna be a lot.

Meanwhile, in the most gruesome display, Bill Frist escorted Alito to the Rotunda, where, under lockdown, Alito was encouraged to f*ck the corpse of Rosa Parks. Carefully opening the casket, Frist told Alito that he could go first, but to save a bit for him. “Why not?” Alito thought as he unbuckled his pants. The President had already been there and fucked Rosa Parks’ corpse earlier in the week, just before nominating Alito, winking at the statue of Thomas Jefferson as he took the deceased activist as his own. Ahh, the echoes in the Rotunda, with Sir Walter Raleigh, Abraham Lincoln, and others looking on, of Alito’s grunts for liberty and justice for all.” — The Rude Pundit

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