The Early Reaction From The Left Side Of The Blogosphere To The John Roberts Nomination

“So what do the shrieking wingnuts think of him? Is he pure enough? Does he speak in tongues, handle snakes, speak directly to Jesus and James Madison about original intent? Fill me in.” — Hullabaloo

“Roberts donated to Bush’s election, and Bush seems to be treating the Supreme Court like it’s France – a plum assignment for your buddy who helped you out in the last campaign. The Supreme Court isn’t France, and being a Supreme Court justice is a bit more important than being an ambassador. I’m just not sure Bush gets the difference.” — AMERICAblog

“Bush has nominated a Ken Starr clone, one of those partisan insiders who can be counted on to do the bidding of the “conservative movement,” to the Supreme Court. Was it because Bush is worried that the CIA leak case is headed to the Supreme Court? Did Bush nominate Roberts to be a vote on the Court that will protect Rove?” — Seeing The Forest

So Beloved Leader has nominated hisself a Soopreme Kort Justice. Beloved Leader’s nominee is relatively colorless 50 year-old white guy with suitably conservative leanings (Federalist Society, clerked for Rehnquist, worked in Ken Starr’s office) to suit the wingnuts. He has apparently written some on Roe v. Wade, although not much. He’s got no track record really, which is a plus for Bunnypants and the Christo-Fascists…” — Democratic Veteran

“According to (the Kos) comment section, (Roberts is) red meat for the social conservatives. He hates Roe v. Wade, affirmative action, labour laws, and 12 year old girls eating fries on the subway(?!)

According to common sense, he’s worth of a filibuster if anybody is.

According to Demosthenes, he’s a test of courage. If the Dems don’t act, they’re invertebrates.” — Shadow of the Hegemon

“Well, Dobson certainly got the preznit he paid for.” —
First Draft

“I have done some reading, and this guy is clearly and ultra-right conservative. Dkos has some info. Bondad has some info. Allaince for Justice here and here has info. This guy is totally unacceptable, and probably was chosen in order to start a fight.

…You know what? If Republicans are forced to use the nuclear option to confirm Roberts, then so be it. As far as I am concerned, that is the only way he should be confirmed. People will pay attention to this one. We just have to make the case ot them why he was unacceptable.” — MyDD

“It’s John Roberts. Will John Roberts overturn Roe? Who knows. What he will do is vote with Scalia on dozens of issues that have been decided 5-4 against Scalia. Bummer. Kerry should have been elected. I put my heart and soul into Kerry’s election because I knew everything depended on it. Kerry lost. Now we’re f*cked. Roberts will be confirmed unless he screws up during the hearings. We will watch the hearings closely. But we will watch Fitzgerald closer.” — Booman Tribune

“…it’s not like we are going to win this fight.

yes, i said it. so sue me.

the gop controls all three branches of our government. it’s just not going to happen. this doesn’t look like the “extraordinary circumstances” that was part of the filibuster deal. in addition, we are basically sitting where the GOP was when clinton got his two picks. the GOP mustered token opposition, but ginsburg and breyer got through easily.” — annatopia

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