The Election Breakdown So Far

— Things couldn’t be going better for John Kerry, the “French looking” liberal from Massachusetts. All he has to do right now is sit back, work on his hair, and enjoy the ride. Meanwhile, Edwards, Dean, & Clark are just trying to keep enough lucre coming in to keep going while portraying their 2nd and 3rd place finishes as the events that are going to turn their lackluster campaigns around.

— John Edwards, the powerful, ultra-rich, favorite of other trial lawyers who claims to be fighting for the “little guy” against the powerful, ultra-rich, and special interests is still viable because of his victory in South Carolina. But, since Wesley Clark edged him out in Oklahoma, look for the two of them to both stay alive which will probably keep either of them from being able to truly build up enough momentum to really challenge Kerry.

— Dean is really fading fast — I mean he’s down in “Joementum territory” — and his strategy reeks of desperation. In essence, he seems to be saving up money and hoping Kerry implodes under the media scrutiny that the front runner always endures. But, unlike Dean, Kerry is an old-pro who can take the heat and while he’ll take a beating, I don’t see him falling apart the way Dean did when he was on top of the heap.

— Joe Lieberman? Toast. His “Joementum” has run out and he’s getting ready to throw in the towel.

— Dennis Kucinich? He’s past toast — he’s a tinfoil covered poptart.

— Sharpton’s campaign wasn’t about winning, it was about Sharpton taking Jesse Jackson’s mantle as the new “black leader” that the Democratic party had to cater too. But, since Sharpton’s campaign has been such a flop that he has only captured 4 delegates, he isn’t going to have much influence at the Democratic convention. That’s probably in everybody’s best interests anyway, except of course for Reverend Al.

— If only George W. Bush had just popped off a mighty “Yeeeeaaaarrrgggghhhhh” at a campaign rally instead spending money like Mike Tyson at a strip club and offering up an immigration plan that was less popular than a Milli Vanilli reunion tour. Furthermore, having David Kay confirm that there was not a, “large-scale production program in (Iraq in) the ’90s” didn’t help things either. While I think the presidency should still be Bush’s to lose for 2004 despite the fact that he is now well behind John Kerry in a head to head matchup, the political tone deafness coming from the White House is starting to get a little bit disconcerting. I mean it doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out that you don’t give the National Endowment of the Arts, an agency that is anathema to conservatives, a huge budget increase when your entire base is already furious with you over your extravagant spending. Come on guys, wake up and pull it together….

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