The Ethics Of Massacres: I

The Ethics Of Massacres: I received an email from the guys at Zion Blog today promoting their latest editorial. The editorial comes down in favor of massacring the Palestinians (which I do not agree with at all). Read of the following portion of the piece and think about what your gut reaction is to it…

“But more importantly, people speak in terms they can understand and relate to. Pa undertake massacres because when they ask themselves what would be effective against them – the answer is massacres. This can be demonstrated by examining how arab governments often control their people – massacres.

The massacres of Israelis have not really been effective though and only serve to anger the Israelis. Israelis, beyond the moral issues, do not undertake massacres because they feel that massacres would not be effective since they do not work against the Israelis.

What the Israelis miss though is that although massacres may not be effective against the Israelis, other groups, like the pas, may react differently to massacres.

….It is nice to argue the morality of actions and to argue that states need to act ‘morally’ when it is other peoples’ children and parents being blown to bits. In the real world it is better for the Israelis to feel a little guilty when they go to bed because Israel has intentionally killed arab civilians then to go to bed crying because your wife was just killed or scared because friends are killed every day.”

To me, this article raises some interesting moral questions. The Palestinian people and government overwhelmingly support terrorists who kill every Israeli they can get their hands on from a baby in the crib to grandmothers on their sick beds. The only thing that stops groups like Hamas and Yasser Arafat’s al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade from wiping the Israelis out is their inability to get the job done. If the Palestinian terrorists were given the ability to murder every Jew in Israel tonight, they’d do so tomorrow morning and would spend their afternoon in the middle of a Palestinian street party where they would be cheered as heroes.

On the other hand, the Israelis are militarily capable of wiping out the Palestinians. They could literally turn the entire “Disputed Territories” into nothing but blood, sand, and rubble in the space of a couple of weeks. Yet, they’re not taking advantage of their military power in that way because of their own populace’s superior morality. It’s no different than the scene near the end of dozens of action movies where the hero has the villan at his mercy and the bad guy can’t bear his defeat. So he tries to taunt the hero into killing him by talking about how he killed his father (or mother, wife, kids, whoever). Then the good guy decides he’s not worth it and takes him into jail instead.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people who would be repulsed beyond words by the idea that the Israelis should simply massacre the Palestinians. Yet, are these people just as disgusted by the support of the Palestinian people for terrorist groups who advocate the massacre of Israelis but are simply unable to carry out their desires? I certainly would not support Israel if they practiced genocide but apparently people who are pro-Palestinian have no such qualms about supporting a populace which does believe in wanton slaughter and genocide but is unable to achieve it’s murderous ambitions.

***Update*** David from Zion Blog wrote in to clarify his position a bit. “Thank you for discussing the massacre piece. By the way, the proposal was not to wipe out all of the palestinians but just to pay them back in kind every time they commit a massacre.”

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