The Evil Fog ‘O’Death: I

The Evil Fog ‘O’Death: I find this story to be interesting for a couple reasons…

“A two-mile-thick cloud of pollution shrouding southern Asia is threatening the lives of millions of people in the region and could have an impact much further afield, according to a U.N.-sponsored study.

It said the cloud, a toxic cocktail of ash, acids, aerosols and other particles, was damaging agriculture and changing rainfall patterns across the region which stretches from Afghanistan ( news – web sites) to Sri Lanka.

The lives of millions of people were at risk from drought and flooding as rainfall patterns were radically altered, with dire implications for economic growth and health.”

Notice that they said the evil, toxic, fog ‘o’ death is over ASIA, not the United States. So while we have environmental whackos claiming that the United States is the prince of environmental darkness because of global warming that may or may not be happening, and that may or may not be caused by man, Asia is dirtying up the planet with minimal comment. Furthermore, this isn’t something that might be a threat in 50 years if the environmentalists haven’t changed their minds and decided that the planet is cooling instead of warming again, this pollution is causing big problems now…

“…The report calculated that the cloud — 80 percent of which was man-made — could cut rainfall over northwest Pakistan, Afghanistan, western China and western central Asia by up to 40 percent.

Apart from drastically altering rainfall patterns, the cloud was also making the rain acid, damaging crops and trees, and threatening hundreds of thousands of people with respiratory disease.

Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen — one of the first scientists to identify the causes of the hole in the ozone layer and also involved in the U.N. report — said up to two million people in India alone were dying each year from atmospheric pollution.”

We have millions of people dying, drought which is leading to famine, and general atmospheric higgledy-piggledy being caused by this pollution and this won’t get 1/50th of the coverage or concern that Kyoto got. That’s because it’s no fun to complain about nations like China and India when you could be whining about the nation your college professors blames for everything that’s wrong in the world — the United States. Of course, there’s ALWAYS another agenda environmentalists are looking to promote…

“…A spokeswoman for environmental group Friends of the Earth ( news – web sites) said urgent action was needed.

“Actions must include phasing out fossil fuels and replacing them with clean, green, renewable energy and tough laws to protect the world’s forests”

Ah, let’s go back to the good old days when horses and bicycles were everywhere and we lived in log cabins! But don’t worry, today’s unabomber style shack will have windmills and solar panels that will provide you with all the power you need…unless it’s dark or the wind’s not blowing. But that’s what scented candles are for! Besides that three hour ride to and from work on your bike each day will do you some good you capitalist pig! Death to technology & progress! Windmills and Ralph Nader forever!

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