The Excitable Andy Post Where I Reference Hitler

I guess there is something to say about being one of the top 4 wackos on the Internet

The Dish is now at Number 34 on Technorati’s list. The National Review’s Corner, in comparison, written by dozens, is now at Number 60. Pajamas Media, including Instapundit and the entire Bush-Palin-Cheney movement is at Number 62. The Dish is now Technorati’s highest ranked one-person mainly political blog in the world. Not bad for someone who’s gone “insane”. The marketplace obviously disagrees. And you know what real conservatives believe about markets, don’t you?

No, not bad at all. In all seriousness, congratulations, Andrew. However, the marketplace does not disagree. You got there by virtually taking over as public enemy #1 on the REAL conservatives radar. Pretty good job considering you are competition with “Screw ‘Em” Markos and “Wishing Death on Conservatives” Huffington Post, not to mention the insanity of the Democratic Underground.

But, you know who else was pretty popular but bat-sh*t crazy at one time? Yup. Adolph Hitler. Mussolini definately had his “damn, when are they going to invent Prozac?” days. Stalin was pretty well loved and a wackjob. Some of his biggest supporters were in the party you are now a supporter of, Andy. Real conservative, bub.

But, hey, Tookie Williams was pretty popular with the left, too. So is Mumia Abu-Jamal. Not to mention Al Qaeda and their members stuck at G’itmo. Just because we cite them, a lot in the case of Al Qaeda, doesn’t mean we like them, and don’t think they aren’t insane.

So, don’t confuse popular on the ‘Net with being liked, Andy. Because you aren’t. Your blog, and now The Atlantic, are sources of great amusement and derision for “real conservatives.”

The shame of it all is, I am giving him 3 links thru crossposting, from Pirate’s Cove, Right Wing News, and Stop The ACLU. Oh, well. He is more fun in his crazy then Kos and the others, and, at least he has never wished death on other Americans (that I have seen) or laughed about their deaths (that I have seen.) I have this disturbing picture of some guy dressed like one of the Village People standing behind him with a whip, yelling “write something else! Now! Write! It’s been 2 minutes since your last post!”

Oh, no, wait, I’m not. Cause I am using an old Basil trick.

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