The Fake Tears Of A Witch? Shame On You For Thinking Such A Thing!

What a “shocking” surprise; Hillary Clinton, who was accused of crying crocodile tears in the run-up to New Hampshire, has cried again, “coincidentally,” right before Super Tuesday.

Many cynical people, like those of you reading this post, will probably claim that this is a political ploy, but come on, folks — do you REALLY think Hillary would tear up again just because a lot of people think it helped her win New Hampshire? Tsk, tsk, tsk, have you people become so jaded that you can’t even recognize real emotion? I mean, many of you may not realize it because she has been running on her own merits, but this is the wife of a former President, here. Do you think she’d stoop so low as to cry in public just because she thinks it would help her in an election?

I mean, it’s almost as if you people are trying to put her in a no-win situation here: Either she’s a manipulative viper who’s hoping to cry her way to the Presidency, which she clearly wouldn’t deserve if that was the only way she could win — or she’s a snarling crone with a glass jaw, who’s nasty when she has the upper hand, but emotionally crumbles when the going gets tough, which would also make her unfit to be President.

All I can say after those kind of allegations, which many of you were no doubt about to make, is shame on you for thinking such a thing!

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