The Fifth Annual Warblogger Awards (For 2006)

In order to recognize the excellent work some of our fellow bloggers have been doing, RWN has put together the “5th Annual Warblogger Awards”. More than 235 bloggers were invited to vote for their favorite blog in numerous categories and 41 responded.

Here were the rules of the contest:

1) I decided to use a dual scoring system because of the way the categories were set-up.

For every category except “The Best Blog Overall,” each judge was allowed to make 1-5 unranked selections. The winner of each category was the blog with the most votes.

In “The Best Blog Overall” category, the judges made 1-15 unranked selections. Rank in that category was also based on the number of votes received.

The winner of each category is presented below with their total number of votes in parentheses beside of them.

2) The judges were not allowed to vote for their own blogs, blogs run by family members, or Right Wing News since I’m sponsoring the contest.

3) I told the judges not to get hung up on whether someone was a “warblogger” or not.

Before the results are presented, here’s a list of the judges. RWN appreciates their participation…

Aaron’s CC, Argghhhh!, Ankle Biting Pundits, AtlanticBlog, Atlas Shrugs, Betsy’s Page, Bit’s Blog, Blogs For Bush, Blogs of War, Brainster’s Blog, Damian Penny, Euphoric Reality, Freeman Hunt, GOPProgress, Guardian Watchblog, IMAO, Iowa Voice, JackLewis, Mary Katharine Ham’s Blog, Mountaineer Musings, Moxie, Newmark’s Door, Newsbeat1, The Nose On Your Face (Potfry), Outside The Beltway, QandO, Relapsed Catholic, Right Angle Blog (Rob Bluey), Right Angle Blog (Ivy J. Sellers), Right Thinking Girl, Right Wing News, Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff, Small Dead Animals, Solomonia, Texas Rainmaker, Tim Chapman Blog, Trying To Grok, Villainous Company, Vox Popoli, WILLisms, Wuzzadem

Now here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the results:

The Funniest Blog

Honorable Mention: Tim Blair (4)
Honorable Mention: Iowahawk (4)
Honorable Mention: Ace of Spades HQ (4)
3) Wuzzadem (5)
3) BlameBush! (5)
2) IMAO (8)
1) Scrappleface (15)

Best Designed Blog

3) Michael Yon: Online Magazine (4)
3) Cold Fury (4)
2) Hot Air (5)
1) Little Green Footballs (6)

Most Missed (The best blog that’s out of business now)

1) Chrenkoff (3)
1) Expose the Left (3)
1) The Spoons Experience (3)
1) USS Clueless (3)

Best Original Reporting By A Blog

Honorable Mention: Passionate America (4)
Honorable Mention: Jihad Watch (4)
Honorable Mention: Power Line (5)
3) The Fourth Rail/(Bill Roggio) (6)
3) Captain’s Quarters (6)
2) Michael Yon: Online Magazine (7)
1) Michelle Malkin (11)

Best Blog Round-Up Site (Best website/blog to go to see the top/most interesting stories in the blogosphere for the day)

3) Pajamas Media (4)
3) Michelle Malkin (4)
3) Hot Air (4)
3) Basil’s Blog (4)
1) Memeorandum (11)
1) Instapundit (11)

Favorite Columnist Who’s Not A Blogger

Honorable Mention: Ann Coulter (10)
3) Thomas Sowell (11)
2) Charles Krauthammer (15)
1) Mark Steyn (17)

Least Liked Columnist Who’s Not A Blogger

3) Frank Rich (4)
2) Paul Krugman (9)
1) Maureen Dowd (10)

Favorite Political Website That’s Not A Blog

Honorable Mention: Townhall (4)
3) Drudge Report (6)
2) National Review (7)
1) RealClearPolitics (10)

Favorite Left-Of-Center Blogger

3) TalkLeft (3)
2) Kausfiles (4)
1) The Washington Monthly (5)

Most Annoying Left-Of-Center Blogger

Honorable Mention: Oliver Willis (5)
Honorable Mention: The Huffington Post/Arianna Huffington (5)
2) Unclaimed Territory/Glenn Greenwald (6)
2) Andrew Sullivan (6)
1) Daily Kos/Kos (18)

Most Annoying Right-Of-Center Blogger

3) Michelle Malkin (3)
2) Stop the ACLU(4)
1) Andrew Sullivan (11)

Most Overrated Blog

3) Power Line (4)
3) Michelle Malkin (4)
2) Andrew Sullivan (5)
1) Instapundit (8)

Best Linker

3) Hot Air (5)
2) Michelle Malkin (9)
1) Instapundit (19)

The Best Original Content For A Blog

3) Little Green Footballs (4)
2) Captain’s Quarters (5)
1) Michelle Malkin (9)

The Best Blog Overall

11) Power Line (4)
11) NewsBusters (4)
11) Jihad Watch (4)
11) IMAO (4)
11) Tim Blair (4)
11) Ankle Biting Pundits (4)
11) Ace of Spades HQ (4)
9) Redstate (5)
9) Blackfive (5)
7) Hugh Hewitt (6)
7) The Corner (6)
6) Wizbang! (7)
5) Hot Air (8)
4) Instapundit (10)
3) Captain’s Quarters (12)
2) Michelle Malkin (16)
1) Little Green Footballs (17)

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