The First Sacrifice On Obama’s Altar: Giving Up Impure Thoughts

Oh, there will be many sacrifices. If the Dems have their way, teensy things like taking over private companies in the oil industry (because it’s worked so well for Russia and Venezuela)  and socializing medicine
will be the new and better way, because the government never [email protected] up
anything they touch. Nosirreee, the government is super fantastic

There will be joy at the oil prices
because well, middle class people can walk to work or take public
transportation, never mind that there isn’t transportation in the
suburb where they live. Suburbs are suboptimal anyway. I mean, real
people live in the cities and don’t birth children. It’s the lame
people’s fault for being breeders and being so stupid. Stop having kids
and use something besides incandescent bulbs, people. And stop eating cheeseburgers and driving your SUV, pigs. Loving thoughts like that.

So, there will be that. There will be the little thing of saving the world with some sweet, huggy love.
It will get even better, though, because it won’t be enough to control
business, your personal life and your way of life. No, your very
thoughts and words will have to comply, friends, because there are good
thoughts and there are bad thoughts and bad thoughts and ideas are not
acceptable. Jeff Goldstein shares one example of an ideological debate that really isn’t about ideas at all, you can go read the details, and concludes:

As progressivism moves forward, free speech will almost surely be
murdered on the altar of political correctness — if only because that
ploy rids progressives of the messy business of having to deal with
what they consider unpleasant and untoward opposition to their ideas.

Which they can only do because they believe their ideas are inherently right and just by virtue of their holding them.

Circular and dangerous, but the state of nature in this, Obama’s America.

Well, it’s not Obama’s America, yet,
but it’s disturbing how many freedoms Americans seem willing to give up
for the false security progressives promise but have never, since Marx
himself, delivered.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier

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