The First Step – My Statement Of Admission By Lorie Byrd

My name is Lorie Byrd and I believe George Bush told the truth about Saddam’s WMD. Not only do I believe he told the truth, but I think he was right about his belief that Saddam had WMD he intended to use against the U.S.

There. I said it. Isn’t the hardest and most important step always admitting it? Now that the admission is out of the way, I will explain why I thought it was so important to come out so openly with that opinion. I have actually been on record with that belief for quite some time now. I am one of those who really never believed that we could have gotten it so wrong in the first place. Now I am reiterating my position because I want to be loudly, and even obnoxiously, on record when the truth is finally known.

I wrote the above statement a week ago and had planned to include it as part of a column, following the statement with the various reasons for my belief. Since the news of the Saddam tapes has broken, and will be the subject of a Nightline special, I figured I better get it out now though, to get ahead of the rush of people who will surely fight to be first on record saying they never doubted. For those who don’t read Polipundit regularly, and think that I am just changing my tune in light of this most recent news, check the archives. I have, at times, sounded like a broken record on this subject with my numerous posts on “connecting the WMD dots.” I don’t know whether or not this latest story will be the smoking gun that many are hoping for, but I believe that the truth will be known one day, and I am beginning to think that day will be sooner, rather than later. (Hawkins note: The TiVO is already set for Nightline tonight and I expect the crowing from those of us in the pro-war crowd will be loud and long tomorrow if these tapes are as good as advertised.)

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